Monday, May 9, 2016

Homeward Bound!

Happy Mother's Day!

I got word that I am coming home this Wednesday! My knee is such that I can't really work and they think that I need to recover and be taken care of in the States so I am coming home on the next transfer. One good thing: since the plane is already full, they got me a first class seat. So, I get to fly home in the business class! So, I'll see you soon!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Pain in the Mission

All the missionaries in Huancayo went to Huaytapallana glacier for Pday. Elder Collantes and I stayed behind because we couldn't make the hike. We did go to a park called El Parque de los Mates. It was pretty cool.

Tuesday I completed 20 months in the mission. I went to a district meeting in the zone Mantaro with Elder Islas and Elder Collantes. Later I went with Elder Calle to buy groceries for this weeks’ worth of breakfast. We went to Plaza Vea (which is in Real Plaza) to buy all of it. It's the closest thing to Wal-Mart that they have here.

On Wednesday I went and taught a lesson with Elder Collantes and Elder Islas to some really good investigators. It was nice to get out and teach a little bit. I really miss it!! I pray my knee gets better soon!

Thursday was a normal day – a lot of rest and icing. Some guy came over and we installed some new shower heaters in the new house. We have been showering with cold water so it is nice to have hot water!

Friday we found out that President Henderson has a bad foot infection. So he will be in Lima a little longer than was planned. The consejo for the zone leaders this next Tuesday is canceled until further notice. I worked on the English book a little today. I haven't had much time to work on it because the office staff needs the use of the computers.

Saturday was Pday because the Pday for the office elders is Saturday, since Mondays are usually too busy for them. We went to this place called Ingenio, which is about an hour outside of Huancayo, and they cook rainbow trout. It was very, very good! After that we went to Real Plaza to get a milkshake before we started our fast.

On Sunday I went to church with La Libertad. We had fast and testimony meeting and it was awesome. We had a good lunch after our fast. I went and taught a lesson with Elder Compton and Elder Holmes. In the middle of our discussion Elder Holmes got a call from Presidente so he went out and answered it. A minute later he called me out because President Henderson wanted to talk to me. I asked how his foot was and he said, not good. He asked me how my knee was and I said it was all right – about the same and kind of hurts. He said okay, that's what I need to know. Presidente is hospitalized right now and hopefully he will be back soon. Well, have a great week and I will talk to you guys soon for Mother's Day!