Saturday, August 13, 2016

Misc Info and Pics

Elder Torres

1st Christmas
Elder Tapia


Elder Gonzalez


2nd Christmas
Christmas with Calle

Elder Calle

Elder Godoy

Balloon Popping

Dinner with President Henderson

Will's Area/Companions

CCM (Lima): Elders Tyson Compton and Ethan Whitaker
First Area (Pampas): Elder Bryan Torres—10/9/14 to 11/19/14, Elder Boris Arnez—11/20/14 to 12/31/14
Second Area (Huánuco—Amarilis): Elder Luis Caro—1/1/15 to 2/11/15, (trainee) Elder Facundo Tapia—2/12/15 to 5/6/15
Third Area (Cerro de Pasco—La Columna): Elder Jaden Cunningham—5/7/15 to 6/16/15, Elder Israel Molina—6/17/15 to 7/28/15
Fourth Area (San Ramon): Elder Bryan Torres—7/29/15 to 9/8/15, (mini missionary) Elder Anthony Barahona—9/15/15 to 10/17/15, (trainee) Elder Mauricio Gonzalez—10/21/15 to 12/1/15
Fifth Area (Huánuco—Colonial): Elder Jeffer Carhuaricra—12/2/15 to 12/7/15
Sixth Area (Tarma—Modelo): Elder Santiago Calle—12/8/15 to 2/9/16, Elder Luiggi Mendoza—2/10/16 to 3/29/16
Seventh Area (Huancayo—Peñaloza): Elder Logan Thatcher 3/30/16 to 4/25/16, Elders Holmes and Glasset (office)—4/26/16 to 5/11/16

Will’s Comp Information (in order)

Elder Ethan Whitaker—Cache Valley, Utah
Elder Tyson Compton—Indiana
Elder Bryan Torres—Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Elder Boris Arnez—Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Elder Luis Caro—Bolivia
Elder Facundo Tapia—Argentina
Elder Jaden Cunningham—St. George, Utah
Elder Israel Molina—Bolivia
Elder Bryan Torres—Tegucigalpa, Honduras 
Elder Anthony Barahona—Huancayo, Perú
Elder Mauricio Gonzalez—Denver, Colorado
Elder Jeffer Carhuaricra—Lima, Perú
Elder Santiago Calle—Lima, Perú 
Elder Luiggi Mendoza—Tumbes, Perú 
Elder Logan Thatcher—Rockwall, Texas

Places Visited

While serving in Pampas (training):
-The glacier on Huaytapallana Mountain
-The waterfall at Miraflores
-Trip back to Lima to go to Immigrations (residency papers)
-Hike in the Forest outside of Huancayo (“golden forest”—el bosque dorado)
-Ate “pachamanca” on Christmas

While serving in Huánuco (Amarilis):
-Ate stomach
-Plaza de Armas
-Templo de Kotosh
-Soccer in Ambo

While serving in Cerro de Pasco (senior comp, district leader):
-Made a fire and killed, cooked, and ate a cuye on the roof (while in Huánuco for a multi zone conference)
-Huayllay District—rocks that look like animals
-Trujillo Peru temple dedicated

While serving in San Ramón (district leader):
-The waterfall—El Tirol
-The waterfall—Bayoz
-El Recreo Tirol (water park owner by a member)
-Pampa Michi

While serving in Huánuco (Micaela 2, zone leader):

While serving in Tarma (Modelo, zone leader):
-Huagapo Cave
-Christ statue in Acobamba
-Many trips around the zone (splits,…)

While serving in Huancayo (Peñaloza, zone leader):
-Traveled to Huancavelica
-Ate at La Leña Prime and Tutos
-Shopped at Real Plaza
-Visited El Parque de los Mates

People Baptized (Italicized = physically baptized)

Albina Diaz Huaman—Pampas 
Joaquin (son) and Monica—Pampas
Gabriela and Mariana—Huánuco
Christian Villanueva—Huánuco
Jonaton and Jonjairo—Huánuco
Jessica—Cerro de Pasco 
Grisell Almendra Marquez Solis—San Ramón (Hermana’s baptism)
Rebeca and Javier—San Ramón
Graciela (the sister’s baptism)—Tarma
Kevin (Will Confirmed him)—Tarma