Monday, May 25, 2015

Party at the Church!

This week we played basketball at that one indoor court on Pday. Then we went and had a family night with this member family. It was cool and they're always fun to talk to because they like to get into deep doctrine. There are three areas in my district-my area is La Columna, there are two elders in Yanacancha, and two elders and two sisters (hermanas) in San Juan. There are three districts in our zone and our zone leaders are Elder Bradford and Elder Chapeton. On Tuesday I did divisions with Elder Herron. He is Elder Whitaker's companion and their area is San Juan. Their room is so nice! We had a couple of lessons that went well and they should have a baptism this week.

Wednesday was really nice weather, I took the numbers from the district and the district is doing well. Thursday was really nice weather again. We found a new room to stay in. We are going to be staying above this clinic type hospital thing on the 4th floor. It's a really nice room but it's not in our area. So that kind of stinks but it's a really nice room and we will be moving there next Wednesday. That was a big answer to our prayers. We're teaching this kid named Joseph right now. He's 19 and a really good investigator. He reads a lot, highlights his scriptures, etc. He is going out of town this weekend but when he gets back we will set a baptismal date with him. On Friday I gave my first baptismal interview to this nine-year-old girl named Druceli. She was taught by the missionaries in my district from San Juan. She did really well and got baptized on Saturday. We got this new investigator named Betty, she is really good and I think she will progress well. She understood the message and everything like that. Weather was great again and we had an activity at the church where we made pizzas.

We used these bottles to roll out the pizza dough

At the activity we received three references. They were from members in other wards but they are for people that live in our area so that was awesome! I did another baptismal interview on Saturday for the missionaries in the Yanacancha area. The kid that they're going to baptize this next week is really good. We should have a couple of investigators come to church this week so that will be great.  Well, I love you guys and I will talk to you next week.

Monday, May 18, 2015


On Pday this week we played basketball at some indoor facility. The floors are concrete, there were no nets, the backboards were tilted...but it was fun. However, Elder Cunningham got his book stolen while we were playing. It had a lot of his stuff in it. He's obviously not very happy about it. On Tuesday I gave my district training again. My topic was goals. On Wednesday we went to Huánuco. We stayed with Elder White and Elder Sholey. I seriously took so many things for granted while I was living in Huánuco, like the shower and room and a bunch of things like that. It's kind of crappy in Cerro de Pasco but I'm going to look for the positive and the good things that are around me. On Thursday we played soccer at a place called the Hoya de Barro. It was this huge synthetic grass field place. We played American football there too. It ended up being like a multi zone Pday which was fun. I saw Elder John and a bunch of other missionaries.

Oh, we made a fire on the roof of Elder White's place and we got a cuye (guinea pig) and cooked it! It was super, super fun. On Friday we had the multi zone conference in Huánuco. It was great to see everybody. El Presidente is doing well; I talked to him for a little bit. We got back about 7:15 that night. It's good to be back in our area again. On Saturday we had four lessons which were good but it snowed! It snowed a lot!

It was neat to see and obviously pretty cold. I really like our ward here. I'm excited for church. We're working with two good investigators, Brian and Sonya, and hopefully they come to church and will be baptized soon. Adios!

Monday, May 11, 2015

District Leader!

On Pday we just ate ice cream and relaxed. On Tuesday I got some news that I'm not real thrilled about. I'm going to Cerro de Pasco and will be the district leader.

Wednesday I got in the car and went to Cerro de Pasco. I got here about noon and it's really, really cold. I'm not real thrilled about the room, there's mold on the walls and ceiling. It's kind of scary.

Thursday I gave my first district meeting/training. We have an awesome district. Elder Whitaker from my CCM group is in my district. We have an awesome zone too! It's a different experience being a district leader. I got the numbers for the week from our district on Friday to report and that went well. My companion is Elder Cunningham. He is actually from St. George also.

He went to Pine View high school. He Skyped his family on Friday and we seemed to have a good connection. We went to Kimbo's to eat afterwards. It was really good. We went with Elder Whitaker and Elder Herron. I am looking for a new place to stay. Where we are at is just not working. If I get up too quickly, I get a face full of mold! We made French toast for our ward for a Mother's Day activity that evening. On Saturday we Skyped each other which was awesome!

On Sunday I gave a talk in church. Our ward is great; everybody seems to do their calling. Elder Chapeton, our zone leader, called and asked me to get the numbers of every baptism and every rescue that our district had since January. So that took me a while and I got to bed really late.

It was cool that Elder Fawson came and saw you when he got back home! He's a great guy! It has been a full week so I will write you guys next week! Love you!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sickness, Service, and Splits

On Pday after I wrote you guys, we went back to the zone leaders room and ate these banana, chocolate, peanut butter cream type things that you find here in Peru (it's kind of weird) and we had ice cream.

We had a good district meeting on Tuesday. I did divisions with Elder Hardison. We had a good day, had some good lessons.

On Wednesday, Elder Hardison and I went to Ambo to have one of the hermanas,  who is going home, sign a certain paper. Then on the way home Elder Hardison got really sick and we ended up staying in the room all day.

Thursday we went out to Yanag and built this kitchen thing out of adobe bricks. It was very much like those mud bricks that we saw in Guatemala. We helped her build a little kitchen looking thing with the bricks. We then went home and had some good meetings and found a new investigator, which was really nice.

Friday we really didn't have anything abnormal happen. We had some good lessons and found a new investigator, hermana Elsa.

Saturday I went and did service with Elder Lopez. We went and moved earth, which seems to be a normal thing to do here. We came back and showered and then had a good day of lessons. We had six lessons which is awesome. Raul did not get baptized yet. His family apparently talked him out of it.

Sunday was stake conference.  I can't believe April is already over. Time is flying by. We get to Skype on Mother’s Day so I’ll see you soon!