Monday, May 11, 2015

District Leader!

On Pday we just ate ice cream and relaxed. On Tuesday I got some news that I'm not real thrilled about. I'm going to Cerro de Pasco and will be the district leader.

Wednesday I got in the car and went to Cerro de Pasco. I got here about noon and it's really, really cold. I'm not real thrilled about the room, there's mold on the walls and ceiling. It's kind of scary.

Thursday I gave my first district meeting/training. We have an awesome district. Elder Whitaker from my CCM group is in my district. We have an awesome zone too! It's a different experience being a district leader. I got the numbers for the week from our district on Friday to report and that went well. My companion is Elder Cunningham. He is actually from St. George also.

He went to Pine View high school. He Skyped his family on Friday and we seemed to have a good connection. We went to Kimbo's to eat afterwards. It was really good. We went with Elder Whitaker and Elder Herron. I am looking for a new place to stay. Where we are at is just not working. If I get up too quickly, I get a face full of mold! We made French toast for our ward for a Mother's Day activity that evening. On Saturday we Skyped each other which was awesome!

On Sunday I gave a talk in church. Our ward is great; everybody seems to do their calling. Elder Chapeton, our zone leader, called and asked me to get the numbers of every baptism and every rescue that our district had since January. So that took me a while and I got to bed really late.

It was cool that Elder Fawson came and saw you when he got back home! He's a great guy! It has been a full week so I will write you guys next week! Love you!

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