Monday, May 18, 2015


On Pday this week we played basketball at some indoor facility. The floors are concrete, there were no nets, the backboards were tilted...but it was fun. However, Elder Cunningham got his book stolen while we were playing. It had a lot of his stuff in it. He's obviously not very happy about it. On Tuesday I gave my district training again. My topic was goals. On Wednesday we went to Huánuco. We stayed with Elder White and Elder Sholey. I seriously took so many things for granted while I was living in Huánuco, like the shower and room and a bunch of things like that. It's kind of crappy in Cerro de Pasco but I'm going to look for the positive and the good things that are around me. On Thursday we played soccer at a place called the Hoya de Barro. It was this huge synthetic grass field place. We played American football there too. It ended up being like a multi zone Pday which was fun. I saw Elder John and a bunch of other missionaries.

Oh, we made a fire on the roof of Elder White's place and we got a cuye (guinea pig) and cooked it! It was super, super fun. On Friday we had the multi zone conference in Huánuco. It was great to see everybody. El Presidente is doing well; I talked to him for a little bit. We got back about 7:15 that night. It's good to be back in our area again. On Saturday we had four lessons which were good but it snowed! It snowed a lot!

It was neat to see and obviously pretty cold. I really like our ward here. I'm excited for church. We're working with two good investigators, Brian and Sonya, and hopefully they come to church and will be baptized soon. Adios!

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