Monday, October 12, 2015

The Heat of the Work

Monday we played soccer and basketball with the Espinoza family, Elder Bell and Garcia, and a couple other random kids. It was a good time. Afterwards, we went and got some Oreo milkshakes which were really good. Tuesday was a long day of work, but it rained hard that night, so all is well. We also found two new investigators Joselyn and Madelyn—mom and daughter. The big miracle this last couple of weeks is that we had ZERO investigators a little bit ago and after we prayed to find some, we have quite a few that are progressing! We had a few investigators that lost their baptismal date this week because they didn't come to church, but we have Jersy and Kevin still for the 1st of November!

 Playing Risk. A favorite Pday pastime

Wednesday we had another day of work in the sun. I started to feel pretty sick at like noon. I think it was because it was kind of chilly Tuesday night with the rain and then a ton of heat on Wednesday, but whatever. We worked the whole day and I took an ALERTIL pill that night. Thursday I woke up feeling a ton better. My least favorite thing here lately would be walking around from 11 to 3 every's so hot!

The view from our roof

We had interviews with President Henderson as well. It was fun to see Elder John and stuff. He goes home in December! Super crazy!  My interview was pretty normal… after the interviews we had a missionary come back to San Ramon with us for a bit—strange stuff going on.  Friday I took him to La Merced to go pack his bags. I also did a baptismal interview for a 71 year old lady named Maria. It went well and she asked me to baptize her. However, I wanted my comp to do it while he is still here. So he ended up baptizing her on Saturday. She didn’t even know the difference. Ha-ha.

The chapel in La Merced

Saturday we organized a roof/attic thing for Magali. Then, I received a call from the sisters saying that there was no water in the church to fill the baptismal font. So my companion and I had to pull buckets of water out of this like well thing in the ground. It was during the hottest part of the day!! But, it all turned out well. My companion had to baptize her like 5 times ha-ha. Her feet kept coming out and she has a bad knee. All I hoped for the whole time is that she wouldn’t go into cardiac arrest. Cold water was not the best for her. Ha-ha. After the baptism we worked hard. We also fasted. This fast was the hardest one I have ever done. I think it was because of all the things we did on Saturday. I felt the spirit the strongest this week after I finished my fast. I was just super happy I did it. You guys seriously don't understand how hard it was this time.

Sunday we had an attendance of 142 and lots of less actives and investigators were in church. We finished the fast and everything. We gave a ton of blessings of comfort and health during church. I love and miss you guys a lot! It’s the last week with my companion and I honestly am going to miss him. He has been my favorite companion. He is super humble and funny. He LOVES animals and gets mad if I kill an ant. I love you all! Have a great week!

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