Monday, December 14, 2015

Transferred Again?! Tarmatastic!!

Well everything here in Huánuco is absolutely awesome! God obviously thinks that it is too good for me because I got a call this morning telling me I have emergency changes to Tarma. I am still a zone leader and president made the decision to send me there. I am kind of bummed because we are going to have so many converts here in Huánuco. My new companion is going to be Elder Calle. I heard he is excellent! My pension and everyone is heartbroken, even though it has only been 4 days. I am a little sad but I know it is for a reason.
San Ramon Memories

I have a bunch of new responsibilities like getting packages and stuff and helping everyone out. Every month we go to Huancayo and have a conference with all the zone leaders in the mission, we receive training and we eat really well. We head out tomorrow. I have to pack my bags AGAIN tonight and my clothes haven’t been washed or anything. But oh well. The area in Tarma is a mountain again! I was so happy with a flat area.

I have to lug my bags to Huancayo tomorrow for the council of zone leaders and from there I will head to Tarma. I think that God wants me to learn that things aren’t going to go exactly how I want in my life OR he wants me to be extremely thankful when I have it easy back home. I can’t decide which it is, probably both. Anyways, after I got the call, we went and made tacos as a district and then we went and played soccer.

Tuesday I went to Huancayo for the zone leader training, which was great. I really liked the training that President Henderson gave on adversity. We had Burger King for lunch with salad, which was way awesome and then we had Pizza Hut for dinner. That's pretty much all that happened on Tuesday. It was really cool to see all of the guys there at the zone leader council. I really enjoyed the training though, there was a good period of time devoted for questions and answers. It was quite helpful.

Wednesday I got to Tarma. Elder Calle is really awesome! He is a great guy, we are always laughing, and we are working really, really hard. Elder Calle is from Lima. He has 13 months in the mission. He has been a member for all of his life and his family supports him a ton. Our room is pretty good. I actually really like it because our room is nice and warm, which is nice, because it's a little chillier here in Tarma. We also have two missionaries that live below us in a little room. Our area is GIGANTIC! It goes from Tarma almost all the way to San Ramon, which is about an hour and a half away. It's very interesting because it is warm here during the day but then it gets chilly at night because we are in the mountains.

There are 20 missionaries in our zone. The missionaries are all really cool. There are only four white people and the rest are Latin. We had district meeting, which was good. The chapel here is really pretty. Tarma is a "district" instead of a stake and we work in a branch here instead of a ward. There is a multi-zone conference on the 17th in La Merced and so we are renting a bus next week. We are all actually heading down next Wednesday and will be staying at Henry’s Recreo in San Ramon.  There will be 3 multi-zone conferences in the mission. Ours in La Merced, one in Huancayo, and one in Huánuco. We have a lot of work here and are teaching a ton of people, who are really nice, just not married.

Friday was a good day but kind of a crappy day too. We didn't have one single lesson, but my companion had the chance to baptize a little girl, which was cool. It wasn't our baptism, but she was really, really happy.

We have had a lot of errands to run recently, so we haven't had too many lessons. It has been quite an ordeal to prepare for the multi-zone conference; like renting the bus and getting the food there, plus we need to get things like mops and "therma" (they are kind of like shower thermostats) for the missionaries in our zone. There's a little separate fund for that.

Sunday was good. There was an attendance of about 80 which is pretty impressive for a branch. After church we went to visit a family in this little town called Palca, which is about 30 minutes from our house. They will be getting married in January and then get baptized. They are awesome!

Things are going really, really well. I am really happy! Everything is going well. This next week may be a little hectic with the multi-zone Christmas conference, but I will be sure to let you guys know how that goes.

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