Monday, December 7, 2015


Monday I received a phone call from President Henderson saying that I'm going to be a zone leader in Huánuco (Colonial). My companion will be Elder Carhuaricra, from Lima. Tuesday I just basically said goodbye to everybody. I got a little Jersey thing from La Familia Barrientos and Hermana Alicia threw me a little going away party. I went home and started packing my things. It's kind of been a sad day. Those goodbyes were seriously so stinking rough.

At Henry's--El Recreo Tirol

My pensionista's family
Jhon Melina and Jhonier
 Our landlord--Hermano Rios

La Familia Barrientos, Elder Gonzalez and me
The sign says: Gracias Elder por ser parte de nuestra familia
(Thank you Elder for being part of our family)

Wednesday I traveled to Huánuco. It was a long bus ride but my room is nice. Our bishop is my pension and we actually live in his house. We're in our own makeshift room, it's kind of sweet. Our area is really small but the zone is cool. We have 12 missionaries in the zone. 4 of them are sisters. Hermana Asto from San Ramon actually followed me here, she is in my zone so that is kind of funny. Thursday we had a full day of work which was nice. There are a lot more problems that you have to deal with as a zone leader, which is to be expected, I just hope I can be of some help.

Me and Elder Carhuaricra

Friday we did weekly planning and Saturday we had district meetings. There are two districts in our zone. Elder Bautista and Elder Jay are the district leaders. Saturday we started our fast and things are going well.

Sunday was a good day at church. Four of our investigators showed up and they all have baptismal dates for December 19th. It was a really, really cool to see some of the converts that I was able to help baptize from Amarilis at church. There was this little Christmas devotional thing and I got to see Jonathan, John Pierre, Christian, Deisi, and some of the leaders. It was really fun to see everybody again. They were all really excited to see me too. We had about 68 people in attendance, which may be a little low, but we are in a beautiful chapel in the stake center. I can't wait to email you tomorrow. Zone leaders get about 30 minutes more internet time because of the extra reports and stuff we have to do, so ciao for now!

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