Monday, January 18, 2016

Chilean Hot Dogs--"Completo"!

On Monday we had a zone Pday and we made Chilean hot dogs and played soccer on a turf field. The Chilean hot dog is called a "completo" and it's like filled with meat, salsa, guacamole, onions, on a hot dog in a nice piece of french bread! Later we went out to dinner with Elder Bajania and Elder Bruño.

We gave our training on the doctrine of Christ on Tuesday. Transfers are this week so we went and printed off the changes for the zone (my companion and I are staying here together). Since we are in Tarma, we print off the changes for the whole mission because we are kind of centrally located and a lot of missionaries pass through here. It is kind of cool to see all of the transfers. My "kid" (Elder Gonzalez) is going from San Ramón to Huancayo.

Wednesday our day was filled with sending and receiving missionaries. After we finished with the transfers, we visited Sergio and after our visit, we took him to the chapel for his interview with President Durman. We then visited the Villegas family. We had a good lesson with them. Hermano José really opened up about some of his challenges and we were able to talk about not losing faith and overcoming hardships. We then went and played soccer at the church.

Thursday we did some service where we helped organized a store, like stocking cookies and a bunch of things like that. We had a couple of lessons and then headed out to Palca to visit the Osorio family. We talked about their wedding and got some numbers figured out. We went to the hospital and gave a blessing to Hermana Berta's dad. It was also Hermana Lizet's birthday so we went to the store and bought her a little birthday cake. I think she liked it.

Friday we visited Sergio and he is doing okay. We had a meeting with Sergio and the Osorios, they came to church really sad because they went to sell potatoes in the morning and their selling price for a bag of potatoes dropped from 100 Soles to 30! Another thing that didn't help was that the driver that was supposed to take them to the market slept in, so they didn't sell very much and did not make enough money to get married this next week. They were really sad and bummed out but after talking with them they felt a little better. The wedding might not be as fancy but it should be all right. Thoughts go through their heads like, "why is God doing this to us when we're trying to get baptized?" So we're trying to explain and help them out.

Saturday we went to a wedding of a couple in Mantarana. They throw rice everywhere, it was kind of funny. The wedding was really, really pretty. They are really happy and are getting baptized Sunday. We also went out to Palca and visited the Osorio family.

Sunday we had an attendance of 86 and our investigator, Hermano Kennedy came to church. It looks like the Osorio marriage will take place a little later when they have saved a bit more money. Their son, Kevin, is still going to get baptized this next Friday. He is super cool and should be heading out on his mission as soon as possible. He wants to leave one year to the day of his baptism.

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