Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Monday for Pday we pretty much played soccer and basketball at the church all day. We played with some members from the ward, El Milagro, and it was really, really hot. I was exhausted! Later we visited the Villegas family.

Tuesday we had our district meeting in the morning and we learned about how to find people to teach from Elder Perez (missionary from El Milagro 2). After our meeting, we went and spoke with the hermana's landlady about their housing contract. We got it figured out. Their room is really kind of crappy. So they are going to stay in their room one more month and then we will help them find a new place in February. That evening we went on divisions with the youth in the ward. It was a good activity. We found a couple new investigators and visited a couple of other families. We also went out to eat with the branch president to La Madera.

We had a lot of errands to run on Wednesday. We had to send off some packages and pick up some packages. We bought tickets for some missionaries that are going to Lima for their migration paperwork. We didn't have much time to proselyte, however we did find a new family to teach. It's a family with a mom, dad, and two kids about seven years of age. The mom is a Jehovah's Witness and the dad was very interested in what we had to say.

Thursday we did not have too much success because nobody was in their house. I can't believe the year is already at an end. Time sure flies when you're working hard. At night we ate Panaton and drank chocolate milk with Elders Larson and Valencia. We watched the fireworks from our roof and had a good time. Our pensionista (Hermana Berta) even gave us ties, which was awesome.

Panettone is a kind of fruitcake popular here for the holidays. Consistent with Peruvians' distaste for really sweet things, it is not. Also, they go kind of light on the fruit.

Happy New Year's! On Friday we did not have one single lesson. We went out to this little village called Acobamba with the Villegas family and sat and talked with members. We got a reference from this little house in the country. They cooked Pancha Manca for New Year's but we couldn't eat it because we don't have permission. It's kind of freaking me out that it is 2016 now. I hope you have put your new year’s resolutions, I have put mine into effect.

Saturday started by taking out money with everyone and then we went to Junin to do a baptismal interview. On our way back to our room to start our fast, we noticed a man and his wife moving his house. It was literally all of their stuff that had just been unloaded into the street. So we helped them move their things up to their new house. The thing is, their house was like a 10 minute walk up this giant mountain. It was rough! It showed me how out of shape I am. It was cool to help them out though. We headed to our room and started our fast and then went to our lesson with the family whose mom/wife is a Jehovah's Witness. The husband (David) is amazing. He read the restoration before we even showed up. We answered his questions and things went well.

Sunday our church now starts at 2 pm. It's going to take some time getting used to. There were not that many people in church because of the schedule change. We went to Palca before church and found a new investigator named Brian, he is 15. He's actually the nephew of Hermana Luz Osorio (the family we are teaching there).  His mom is actually less active so if you could please keep them in your prayers. Today it was a pretty spiritual fast. We received a lot of answers that's we were looking for and things are going well. I hope you all have a great new year and I love you!

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