Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Onward, Ever Onward!

Hey guys!!! Well not a lot has happened. I am feeling a lot better.  This week we had divisions with the zone leaders which was pretty fun. I went to Huancayo and taught with Elder Lopez. It was way fun. It was nice working with Elder Lopez in Huancayo because it actually felt like I was helping people compared to how slow it is in Pampas. I hope for better days.  We are in Huancayo today because the zone leaders wanted to have one last Pday as a zone before the transfer. I don’t think I am going to be transferred this time, but who knows! President could suddenly decide he wants to. I love the days we travel to Huancayo, even though the drive sucks, haha—it’s an hour and a half basically on a dirt road.

I am sending those pictures of the Wawas that we made. In the photo with me are Elders Torres, Fitzgerald, and Rasmussen. I gave Elder Rasmussen the nick name “The Rassinator” and he really likes it. We are the 4 missionaries in Pampas. Oh, by the way, I am the ward mission leader and I teach the gospels principles class every week. It is so hard to run the church. There is virtually no member support, but we pray and work hard and keep doing our best.

To answer your questions, when I got to the CCM we received some Spanish books, a dictionary, and a couple other little things. When I got to Huancayo I got a water filtration bottle, a blanket, and a debit card. The water bottle is awesome I use it a lot. We have a cell phone that we use to communicate with. I miss my cell phone, but I miss you guys more! Every month we use our debit card from the mission and we get to take out like $90 for personal use and $168 for “pasajes” which is travel expenses and things like that. I’ve been eating a lot. We have beans, rice, and some sort of meat usually. Our pensionista fixes everything.

One thing I really like is called, “pollo a la brasa”. It’s chicken and a bunch fries and we cover it in ketchup and mayonnaise—it’s really good.  Yesterday I got a package from Nana! It was filled with all kinds of food, haha. I really miss you guys. It’s gone by pretty slow lately. I am glad that everything back home is going well. That is so cool that Dane is doing well and Rachel has the school play coming up. I hope Kenna had a good birthday. I love you guys so much.

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