Monday, November 3, 2014

Wawa Week

Hey guys. Well this week has been crazy! They celebrate the “Day of the Dead” and everything down here. It is basically just an excuse to drink. We got to make these bread things called “Wawas”.  We wanted to send pictures this week but the internet is being super slow! I will try to send pictures of me making the wawas next week. It was so fun. Super hard but fun!!! Last night I found out that I have a package waiting for me at the office. We have a multi-zone conference on Friday, so when we get to Huancayo, I will pick it up.

T’anta Wawas (“bread babies” in Quechua) are a type of sweet roll shaped and decorated in the form of a small child or infant. They are generally made of wheat and sometimes contain a sweet filling. They are made and eaten as part of ancestral rites in Andean regions of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, the south of Colombia, and the north of Argentina, mainly on All Souls' Day. Companion breads shaped like ladders (so the souls of the dead can climb up to heaven), stars, crosses, or angels with wings to help children and babies to rise to heaven are also made. The breads are an important part of family rituals that are associated with Día de los Muertos (October 31), All Saints Days (November 1) and All Souls Day (November 2) in Peru. During this time, native customs mix with religious beliefs and some families visit cemeteries carrying a feast for the dead that includes the wawas, tamales and roasted pig. There is a belief that the dead will return to earth if they see they are being remembered by their families and friends. A picnic, with a place set for the dead, is held at the grave site in the hope of enticing the dead to return. Celebrations in areas outside of major cities are even more tied to superstition and can be quite festive because some Andean villagers believe the dead will rise from their graves at midnight to join in the feast. While city dwellers are less enthusiastic, they too, visit the cemeteries and leave small offerings for their dead.

We are thinking about dropping Sheyla because she isn’t progressing. We are teaching this guy named Eliseo. His cousin just died and he is having a hard time. We taght him the plan of salvation and it was one of the most powerful lessons. I got to bear my testimny about KJ and it was awesome!

I really want to have some success. It has been pretty difficult and depressing. It looks like I am going to be the second counselor in the branch presidency I guess. I have included a photo of our pensionista, Hermana Luisa.

You guys are having such cool experiences. I love it. I hope everyone knows how much I love them. You guys are so amazing. I have the world’s most amazing family.

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