Monday, December 22, 2014

Multiple Blessings!

Hey guys! Well things are going well. We have been working a lot with that family I told you about last week and they are doing really good. We have been teaching them and the kid continues to want to learn, so that is good. I gave Hermana Villanueva a blessing because she was sick and it was awesome!

Yesterday (Sunday) we had Stake Conference in Huancayo. This last Saturday we had a baptism. It wasn’t technically my investigators but it was a family that Elder Fitzgerald and I have kind of been teaching together. Remember the brother that was having problems with his wife? It was his niece and her son that we baptized. You have no idea how happy they were. The baptism was kind of funny. It was at this like trout farm in one of the ponds. It was pretty dirty water but it was cool. Fitzgerald baptized Monica and I baptized her son Joaquin. They are really happy to be part of the church.

About 4 weeks ago we had a lesson with this brother. He was having a hard time because his family isn’t members. He is the only one. During the lesson, I felt prompted to promise him that through his example and works his family would join the church. Well, I was thinking about his immediate family; but not too many days later, he got a call from his sister who he hasn’t talked to in 14 years. They were in Pampas and wanted to talk. When they talked, they said they saw a change in him from the last time that they had seen him. He said he was a member of our church now and they got really interested because they liked the change. It just goes to show that the Lord really does fulfil his promises. I was totally thinking about his immediate family but sometimes (in my opinion most of the time) the Lord works in a different way than what we are thinking. I hope you guys know how blessed we are and the things we have to offer to other people. The kids don’t even know who Santa is down here, but everyone knows who Jesus Christ is. Kind of interesting right? I love you guys!!

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