Monday, July 20, 2015

Cerro de Pasco-La Tierra de Machos no de Muchos!

On Pday we went and played kickball and soccer in a field that we rented out. Later we went over to Wendy's house and kind of shared her birthday with her and got to know her family a little bit more.

Tuesday we had interviews with President Henderson. They went really well. I always feel really good afterwards, he's just an amazing guy. We talked a little bit about my future. Since he is a doctor, he mentioned that he could see me being an orthopedic surgeon, like his brother. We had our zone conference and it was nice to see Elders John, Gutierrez, White, and Livingston. It was good to catch up with them and laugh at some of the things that we did together in Amarilis (Huánuco).

On Wednesday I did divisions with Elder Salazar, one of our zone leaders. We worked in his area—La Esperanza. Their room is really nice. Anyway, we had six lessons. It was nice to have a day off out of my area so I didn't have to hike the mountain.

Thursday we had 3 lessons, 11 contacts and one new investigator. We're finding a lot of new people to teach and hopefully getting this area moving. I'm working hard, I am healthy, and everything is going well.

Friday we did our weekly planning. We're finding a lot, a lot, a lot of new investigator this week, which is really nice. I feel like I was sent here to this area to kind of fix it and prepare it for future missionaries so they could baptize. It kind of sucks but if that's what is needed to be done, then I'm glad I am able to do it.

Saturday we had a zone meeting. We talked about how our attitude can affect our success in the mission. Then all of the elders in the zone did the "short sleeve challenge". What it is is that you walk around wearing short sleeves all day and night until you get back to your room. It was pretty cold I have to admit. It rained AND snowed! It was pretty rough but I'm glad I did it.

Sunday was a bit of a letdown. Not too many people at church. We had a some good lessons and I just got done reporting our district's numbers and writing in my journal. I had a good day. I really look forward to emailing you guys every week. I love you guys so much! Have a great week!

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