Monday, September 28, 2015

How Firm is Your Foundation?!

Monday after we wrote home and everything, we traveled back to San Ramon and I cut my hair. We then played Risk in our room. We went to this little restaurant called Oxon after our game. This business is owned by a lady from Britain. She speaks perfect English, but with the accent of course. I ate an amazing fudge brownie covered in ice-cream and hot fudge. It was just like home. Tuesday we honestly just worked. I gave district training on personal conversion and then went to work all day.

Honestly Wednesday and Thursday were two full days of hard work. We knocked a lot of doors and had a lot of meetings with new people. It has been very hot. The best thing is coming in after a full day in the heat and taking a cold shower. Thursday we visited some young men with Hermano Rios (young men’s president and our landlord) and Hermano Moya (1st counselor and really cool). It was nice to see them out and about. Their involvement makes a huge difference!

Friday was a day filled with a few lessons and lots of contacting. I am really trying hard to find new investigators in the area right now. We have a lot of meetings the next few days so we will see how that all goes and how many people are actually going to progress. Friday night we also played volleyball. Saturday we found 3 new investigators. They are a family with a grandma and her daughter and then a daughter of the grandma’s daughter. I will keep you updated on them. We also did service again for the Espinoza family where we erected a wall inside their house with wood and clay bricks. Good old Peru. But it turned out well and it’s going to help them out a lot!

Sunday we had an attendance of 153. It was AWESOME!! It’s because the leaders are doing their visits. For example, last week there were 4 young men that attended and this Sunday there were 14. I also gave a talk about hastening the Lord’s work. I talked about the sons of Mosiah a little and how there are different kinds of missionary work. We found 3 new investigators on Sunday as well. Now the only thing to do is see if they are really interested.

Today we are going to go to that restaurant again and play Risk, I think. Maybe we will play some basketball. Not much happened this week. So I know for a fact that my companion is going to leave at the end of this transfer. so that puts me here at least until the beginning of December. But I love this place so I don’t mind. My comp is doing really well and is learning a ton and is loving this life.

We are in a new internet place this week and it is working awesome. I think I am going to be able to send recordings and more photos next week! I love and miss you all so very much. Thanks for everything and I will talk to you guys again soon!