Monday, September 14, 2015

Room Inspections? Rats!

Monday we played basketball with those drug lord dudes and that’s basically it. Tuesday I received the news about my new companion.  I am going to be with a mini missionary from Huancayo. He is 25, I think. I am basically training someone who is going to leave on a mission but has not been to the MTC or anything. I am kind of learning not to care about transfers, but he is getting here today (the 14th) about noon. I have been in a trio with Elder Garcia and Bell all this last week in La Merced.

Wednesday we had to get everyone shipped off to their areas for transfers. Elder Bell is the new companion of Garcia and is doing well. Thursday we did a Service for the Espinoza family where we tore off their roof of calamina. It’s like a sheet metal roof. I also had a room inspection by President Henderson, Hna Hendersen, and the assistants. They are going around the whole mission checking everyone’s rooms.  Everything went well! Afterwards, we got to ride in Presidents car while we were heading to La Merced to check the other rooms. It had air conditioning and everything! It felt amazing! Later that afternoon I was able to actually work in my area with Elder John and Gutierrez, the assistants. It was fun and then we all went to this burger place called La Casa de Allen.

Friday and Saturday honestly nothing happened. Just went back and forth to San Ramon to try and get a little work done in my area while working here in La Merced. So, Saturday at night while we were planning, everything was normal when all of a sudden something happened. We were just sitting there when out of nowhere I saw this black thing out of the corner of my eye run under our desks. We all jumped up—it was a giant RAT! Elder Garcia had boots in the room so he threw them on and smashed its brains out. However during the process the rat ran behind boxes of pamphlets and got lost a couple of times. The sucker was like mega fast. Our room was filled with Latin’s screaming (because we had the elders from Oxapampa with us during that time) and a bloody floor.

This weekend was also stake conference for us. It was pretty boring but a lot of people came. President talked in every session. Sunday morning we had to help him act out a good Ward Council meeting and a bad one for his talk. It was me, Elders Bell and Garcia and the assistants. It was pretty funny. President was like cracking jokes and said I was the relief society president and John was the primary president. He told everyone that he hopes they have better looking relief society presidents. None of the people I am teaching came, because I haven’t been there, but this week will be better.

I am going to get my companion at 12 and then we are going to El Tirol again because everyone here is basically new. Hermana Medina in my district is training a girl from Arequipa and Hermana Paez left to Huancayo and now Hermana Brigman from Kansas is here with Hermana Asto. I am so happy that everything is going well for everyone. You have no idea how proud I am of all you. Dane is going to be just fine with friends as well as Rachel with her new math. it sounds like Kenna is just having the dream senior year and I am very proud of her. I hope the chocolate factory does really well for you guys and you guys receive the revelation necessary for our family. I will talk to you guys again next week. I love and miss you all more than you know! Talk to you guys again soon!

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