Monday, September 7, 2015

Farewell Father!

Monday we went to El Recreo Tirol and we had a lunch of chicken and french fries with Inca Kola. We played volleyball and cards for a bit. We then just kinda chilled and talked. Tuesday we did a ton of contacting because we didn’t have a guy to come with us to our meetings, so we couldn’t visit the girl investigators we had in our agendas. The rule of not being able to visit ladies alone sucks sometimes but the rule is there for a reason.

Elders: Toomer, Durante, Garcia, Torres--Hermanas: Paez, Asto, Medina, Olsen

Wednesday we had an alright day. We had like 4 meetings and they were all really good. I tried what is called Cebiche. We have a rule here in the mission that we can’t eat it, but when it is your last week in the mission you are allowed to, or if your companion is going home you can as well. So I got to try it! The only benefit of killing someone, haha. We ate it in our pension Wednesday and then at El Recreo Tirol on Thursday, which was much better! Thursday we had like a going away party for Torres in the church with members. It was a pretty fun time. The ward here is seriously awesome with the missionaries.

Friday we had a couple lessons but it was Torres’ last day and he wanted to say goodbye to some members. Guess what! On Friday I finished that black journal I brought for the mission. Now I am writing in another one. Saturday we had a last minute zone training. We learned about pride and the crap that can happen if we are prideful. At like 3:00 Torres left to Huancayo to begin his journey home...I went to La Merced to be with Garcia because his companion (Elder Toomer) is also going home—actually to Wyoming! Sunday I traveled to San Ramon ALONE to go to my sacrament meeting and then headed back to La Merced for the rest of the day. However we went back to San Ramon for my ward council at 6:00. Today we are going to play a pickup basketball game with some drug lords we found on the street yesterday while we were proselyting.

A scripture I like right now is D&C 98: 12-15

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