Wednesday, October 1, 2014

One "Weak" Left

Hey guys! Well, this week has been pretty boring—until last night! You all know that I have been feeling pretty bad lately. Anyway, I have been doing these treatments that are supposed to help my lungs but nothing is working. So last night I went to the hospital with Hermana Gonzalez! The CCM president’s wife. They took some x-rays and and drew some blood. It turns out that I have Bronchitis. Yay!!!!!! Haha, it really stinks. The hospital was pretty messed up too. They gave me like an inhaler thing and a few antibiotics. The medicine I was given was amoxicillin, glycidol (some syrup for the mucus in my lungs) and that inhaler thing. I got to go to burger king though after the hospital and that was seriously amazing.  I feel like one of those kids that has serious problems. Haha. Oh well.

But yeah! I leave Tuesday morning on a bus. It’s an 8 hour ride I think. I believe there will be 10 of us going to Huancayo. That is a lot of white people—haha. Like 5 of us are from Utah too. Elder Tolbert (from the Salt Lake area) knows Anthony Peterson, who I played baseball with.

I have eaten this chicken bread thing out of some lady’s trunk haha and Inca cola tastes alright, but I haven’t tried too many things just because I don’t need too. We are not scheduled to go to immigrations again before we leave, so that means we would have to come back to get our visas.

I can’t believe this is the last time I will be writing you guys in the CCM! It’s crazy. I won’t have another pday before I leave I don’t think. I miss it by a day. I hope I get to send an email when I get there or something. I hope I am completely healthy by Tuesday. I definitely am going to need those boots as soon as possible. I have heard nothing but getting cold and dirty in Huancayo. I don’t know when I am going to be able to write next. I hope soon! My bet is, I get there on Tuesday and I can write next Monday. Spanish is going well. I miss everything about home. I still feel pretty sick but am praying for strength. I bore my testimony on fast Sunday and it was awesome! I love you guys and am so blessed to have such an amazing family!

Elder Durante

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