Monday, October 27, 2014

What bugs you?

Hey guys! I am in Pampas this week for Pday and I am having a bit of a hard time with the internet. We email at this café type place. am waiting for my voice clip to load and it is taking forever.  I took a picture of your questions and will try to answer all of them. Everything is going good.  My pensionista found mom on Facebook. She is going to email you during the week I think. My pensionista’s name is Hermana Luisa. She fixes 3 meals for us—lots of carbs. I am eating a lot! I am always hungry haha. Good thing there are little stores all over the place!!! We are eating so much bread though and I am getting bigger. I try and do stuff every morning. I am starting to look like a man. Yes.... that includes having to shave everyday haha. I really miss milk. I like my apartment. It’s nice.

Our church is literally an old cement house. I gave a message on prayer yesterday and it went well. You literally have no idea how embarrassing it is to bring investigators to our church especially when there are huge catholic churches in the plaza here. It is hard to baptize down here because so many people live together and aren’t married. We have run into that problem a lot! Looks like the 1st counselor is probably going to get a divorce. It is really sad and it’s hard to help him. Yesterday I was teaching this family and a girl asked me a question, she asked if it was normal for people not to want children? I asked her if she had her patriarchal blessing and she had no idea what that was. They are an inactive family and I think that the desire of her wanting this blessing is going to reactivate them.

It rained so hard yesterday and since we are in the mountains, the thunder was soooo loud! It was kind of scary haha. The dogs are still really annoying and scary. I took on this monster dog the other day. It was freaking huge. The bugs aren’t too bad here yet, but the fleas are the worst! We go into people’s houses and teach and then walk out with fleas.

Are you guys instagraming some of my photos? I have to keep my insta game strong haha! Well, I love you guys so much and I will try to answer all your questions next week!!

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