Monday, October 13, 2014

Because I Have Been Given Much...

Hey guys. Well the computers here suck even more than at the CCM, so in like a little cafe right now in Huancayo. I am in Huancayo because we came here to watch General Conference; none of the missionaries had seen it yet. Conference was good. I liked how they talked about serving the poor. That is where I live, among the poor. We went to the zone leader’s baptism yesterday and we are staying with them while we’re here.

My trainer is Elder Torres. He is from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He is really nice. He speaks English pretty well and has been out for 13 months. I am the first person that he has trained. My area is Pampas and it is really small. We literally have only 30 members. In Pampas there are only 4 missionaries. The other 2 live downstairs from us. My room is super small. Our “pensionista” is awesome. She is super funny! It’s no joke, we live in a village. I have really struggled to stay positive. I can’t imagine being here for 2 years. It’s sooo poor. That’s how scary it is. We literally talk to the same people every day. It is really sad. We have a chapel that is way scary. It’s like concrete walls. I don’t think I am going to be able to send pictures in Pampas, but this week I am going to try.

I love hearing about all your adventures. There hasn’t been much that has happened. I think I might have gotten a little taller but I don’t know for sure. I still have some liquid in my lungs and a bit of a cough but it’s getting better. Anyway the ride on the bus from Lima was fine. I still have to go back to immigrations sometime because my papers haven’t been processed. I am so nervous for these two years. But I know I need to do them. I am not doing anything really hard. It’s just mental for me. Some moments I feel great but then some are sucky. Hopefully I can send you the pictures that I took. No crazy spiritual experiences yet. It is seriously so different. Pray that I find some new people to talk to please.  I miss you guys. Good luck in everything! I am going to go try and send those pictures. I Love you so much!!

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