Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Monday after I wrote you guys, I had some nice stomach for dinner which was pretty nasty; but, that's what we do here. This week we taught some great lessons, menos activos, and some other investigators. We actually found two new investigators, they are two sisters and their names are Gabriela and Mariana. Gabriela has 12 years and Mariana has 10 years and they both accepted baptism dates, which is awesome! They're going to be baptized January 24th. We gave them permission slips to get signed by their parents for the girls to be baptized and they signed them and we picked them up. We are also going to start teaching their brother who wants to receive the lessons, so that's cool.

My new pensionista, Hermana Violeta

Christian, the other investigator that we have, is doing great. We found out early in the week that he was leaving to Lima to live. So we called our zone leaders to see if we could baptize him this Saturday because he really wants us to baptize him. They asked if he's had all of the lessons, and we're missing a couple of the lessons but we are going to finish all those up. He has the assistance at church that he needs and he's going to be baptized this Saturday, if we can get all of his lessons and his interview done. So that's really, really exciting! He's really such a good kid. Well, a day or two later, we went to visit Christian with our ward mission leader and he didn't show up. So that sucked! Then we went the next day to meet with him again and he didn't show up. Oh man, I just had to take a deep breath and hope for better tomorrow's. Christian's baptism on the 24th is not going to happen obviously. I feel sad for him, he's a really, really nice kid and I don't even know where he was when he didn't show up those two times. I'm sure it's hard for him right now but I hope for the best for him in Lima. So.....yesterday we saw Christian! He came to church and it looks like he might not be moving to Lima. We’ll see what happens.

Service was good this week. We did the same service that we did last week; we went and dug out this guy’s house. It was good. I worked hard and didn't get fried from the sun.

The hill behind our house

We had our correlation meeting that we have every Friday night with our ward mission leader, Hermano Edwin, he is awesome! We started a fast and it was really, really good. I fasted for revelation for our area and that some less active people would come to church and for you guys and a couple other little things. Well, check this out! We had this family that never comes to church come today! It was such a big answer to our prayers. It was way, way awesome you have no idea! Their names are Eric and Anthony and they have a sister who is active but they never, ever come. We got like 5 of their family members to show up. So that was like a huge answer to our prayers.

My bed is the bottom left

Yesterday we moved rooms, so we are in our new room now. It's nice to finally get all unpacked. So I unpacked everything and I'm hoping not to move anytime soon. Everything is going well—this week flew by, I can't it's Pday again tomorrow. We are going to wake up, go play soccer and go to this one area to play water games, I think. It's a zone Pday, and I’m not sure what we're going to do. Later in the evening, we have a family home evening with some less actives and we are going to make American brownies that I bought in “metros”.  I love you guys and I'll talk to you later.

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