Monday, January 26, 2015

Wild Week in Huanuco!

The really crazy story this week is about the churches getting robbed lately! So, we were having a meeting with Hermano Edwin, our mission leader, and Elder John and Elder Torres were in the chapel doing a baptismal interview for our district leader, who also has a baptism on Saturday. Well, Elder John noticed there was something weird or different in the ceiling, so he and Elder Torres went up there with a little flashlight. They were looking around and didn't see anything and then they looked over by the steeple. There was this guy up in the steeple just watching! So they acted like they didn't see him and then they came down and called the police. I guess the guy came in during an activity on Wednesday and he spent the night up there. I don't know how he gets in the ceiling, but he does. The police came and they went up there to get him and then the guy broke through the roof and fell down. Elder Torres grabbed the guy and then the police grabbed him. The police were slapping him around and asking him who he was with and everything. He kept claiming that he was alone. He was this really skinny guy all tatted up. He had a backpack up there with toilet paper and all kinds of stuff, but we caught him! Now the roof is all broken and some other things are broken in the church but we'll fix that. It was fricking nuts! I mean nuts! …Wait! There’s more… They let the guy out of jail!! So now, all the gringo missionaries are done for! Just know that I love you guys—haha.

On Monday, after I wrote you guys, we had a zone Pday. We played water balloon soccer at an indoor facility, so that was fun. On Tuesday we did divisions with my district leader, Elder Chapeton. It went really well. We have these new investigators, Tonya and Marcos and their daughter, Christine. They have been going to the MMM church but they're awesome and things are going good. Thursday we had service with the bishop's mom—we moved a bunch of earth from her house. It sucked, it was really hard. Oh, Christian is staying here now. Haha. So we are going to basically start all over with him, but that will be good. I am sure he will be baptized.

Wednesday and Thursday we had lessons with Gabriela and Mariana and also talked to them about their baptismal interviews. On Friday we took Gabriela and Mariana to their baptismal interviews, when we got there they were crying and fighting. It was pretty crazy. So I said a prayer that they would apologize and have the interviews and that's exactly what happened. It really amazes me on how hard Satan works when you're trying to do good things. Seriously, every time we've had a baptism, something bad happens beforehand, like today we had trouble getting baptismal clothes and it was way frantic until the last minute. After arriving to the church, I was a little worried about Mariana in her interview because she was having a little trouble remembering some of the answers, so I said another prayer and she passed with flying colors. They both did really well. That was another answer to my prayers. It was really cool. I am very grateful for that. On Saturday the baptismal service wasn't perfect but it was nice. Their parents were there to support them and it was all good. One thing about the kids here in Peru is that they have this fear of water, I really don't know why it is (I think they are scared because they watch freaky church movies where priests drown little babies). It's kind of sad. Mariana and Gabriela both left the font crying when they were done because of the water. After that, they had to bear their testimonies and I really didn't think they were going to, so I said another prayer, without doubting, and I asked that they would be able to do so and, once again, I received an answer to my prayer. Seriously guys, I hope you guys do that—ask in faith with no doubt, just like Joseph Smith. In my patriarchal blessing it says that if I exercise faith it'll reach nigh unto heaven. That's really what I'm focusing on doing right now. Really asking for things and searching, believing with all my heart, not doubting. When doubt enters, I just shut it out. Anyways, things went well, I baptized Gabriela and Elder Caro baptized Mariana.  It was cool to see them get confirmed in church. They are so happy. Love you guys!

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