Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Transferred! Huanuco Bound!

Hey guys!! I am glad you all had such a great New Year’s. Well, I got my wish and I am now opening an area in Huánuco! It is called “Amarilis 2”. Amarilis isn’t the city but more like the neighborhood/district that we work in. I am with Elder Caro. He is from Bolivia and he goes home after this transfer. He is pretty trunky. Haha. We live with our zone leaders, Elder John and Elder Torres (this is a different Elder Torres than my former companion). They are both really cool. They are Amarilis 1 and we are Amarilis 2, but we are in the same ward. Huánuco is freaking boiling hot. I got such bad sunburn when we went and did some service last Thursday. We went and dug out a lot for this guy’s house. It was so hot, I was dying! Our area is a giant hill. No joke! It’s on a mountain and I walk up and down hills the whole day. My legs hurt so bad, but I’m going to be ripped and tan in no time. Haha. Elder Fitzgerald is now a zone leader in Huancayo. They called us in the night and we left to our areas the next day. It was all kind of hectic but it worked out. Right now we are in the middle of switching apartments—some elders live in our zone and we live in theirs. They don’t really want to move because their place is bigger, but we are going to switch. It should be done by the 17th. 

Pampas crew
The new crew

I love our pensionista she is seriously so nice. She calls us her kids and we call her “momita”. She lives really close, like right down stairs. She cooks really well and gives us cold drinks!! Seriously!  People have fridges here and stuff. It’s awesome!!

Working here sure is different. It is a lot of contacting and meeting members. It’s cool though. We have a freaking chapel!! I love it! I went to church yesterday and did absolutely nothing!! It was amazing! We are in a stake and there are 4 of us in our area. There are a ton of people in Huánuco though. We had 92 people in attendance at church yesterday.

Well, I got to run. I love you guys and will talk to you next week!

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