Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Killed My Companion!

This week we had a family night with the family Segundia. They're a family that was rescued by Elder Torres an Elder John (zone leaders). We had a message and ate some stuff. We went and visited Kidder, he's doing good. We had another family night with a couple that is from Lima. They are both returned missionaries. She has family that lives here and they have three kids, a four-year-old and two twins that have a year and a half. They live in this really small room and are really struggling financially. So we had a short message and a quick dinner/refreshments of eggs and bread. It wasn't much but it was more than they had. (We need to remember how much we have and to be grateful for it and to try and look to help other people!) We are trying to help them find another room to live in and they are looking for a kitchen set and all these little things they don't have.

We had our Pday this week on Thursday instead of Monday because my companion Elder Caro and Elder Torres are going home, so we went around and took photos of all the places that they wanted and then we went and ate lunch as a zone at this Chinese place, Khon Wa. It was pretty good. Later, Elder Caro packed up to go home to Bolivia. It's kind of crazy to see him doing that! I couldn't imagine leaving right now. Besides that, we didn't really do much. We played a little soccer in the church and said goodbye to the people he wanted to say goodbye to. It was a pretty good day. Early Saturday morning, Elder Caro and Elder Torres left for Huancayo then home. So, I killed my companion! Just like I was “born” in Pampas and my trainer was my “dad”, I was Elder Caro’s last companion, so I “killed” him. It’s interesting that many missionaries use these term throughout the mission. I will be with Elder John until I get new my new companion. I am temporarily the zone leader with Elder John so we have the zone leader stuff to do. Like we were out proselyting and got a call from the APs that we had to send 2 missionaries to Lima on Sunday, so we had to drop everything and go do that. It's kind of crazy how you could be out doing whatever and then have to drop everything to take care of a problem in the zone. It's kind of irritating but was cool to see the center of Hu├ínuco and do stuff like that. For service we painted this guy’s house.

We had a less active kid, named Lincoln, accompany us to some meetings, so that was cool. One thing I fasted for on Sunday was to find some new investigators and guess what? We found one! She's awesome! Her name is Ruth and I think she is really going to progress!

We also had a lesson with Christian. He is staying here to work and so we are officially teaching him again. We have a baptismal date for him this Saturday the 14th.  Things are great here and I hope things are great there. Love you!

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