Monday, February 2, 2015


First of all, Happy Birthday to mom and dad! I love you so much and hope it’s great for you!

For our multi zone Pday, we went to this field and played soccer and volleyball. Later that day, after we showered and got all cleaned up, we had a family night with the family Matias. We had a little message and ate hotdogs. They were way, way, way good!

Guess what? We are actually moving again. Elder Caro and I found a room that we really like, we're going to pension there and do our laundry, it's going to be awesome. It's not terribly big but it's really nice. We’ll live above this little garage thing.

We did some service with Hermana Julia (the bishop's mom) by removing some earth so they could put in a wall or something like that (It seems like everyone is digging a hole somewhere here in Peru). We taught some lessons with some less actives and things are going well there. We are teaching three kids right now: Alexis, Yoel, and Anthony.

We had an activity at the church. We played volleyball and soccer and it was really fun. A lot of less actives and non-members came, so that was great.

It's the first of the month again and I had the opportunity to fast (I can't believe how fast January went by). I hope you guys really take the opportunity to fast. Back home, I really didn't do it and I've had so many answers to my prayers when I fasted. It's a crazy, crazy, crazy how many blessings this little sacrifice can bring! So I hope you guys will try and do that a little more and read your scriptures!

We had a family night with Hermano Edwin's family. All of his family members are members but his father-in-law is inactive. So we shared The Family: A Proclamation to the World and watched a video with them and everything went really, really well. We had rice and eggs for the refreshments. I felt the spirit and it was really cool to see him want to change and stuff.

Kidder is a less active boy that we have been teaching and he got rescued this week, we rescued him! Rescuing is like a baptism where a less active person is activated. We teach them all the lessons, they have to have an interview with the bishop,...and they're active again. So Kidder is active again! Yay!

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