Monday, February 23, 2015

The Best Birthday Present!

After I wrote you guys last Monday, we went to Ambo and played soccer on this huge, full-sized soccer field. It was fun. Tuesday we had a multi zone conference with Pres. Henderson. We learned some cool things, like remember to just teach and keep it simple. We had a lesson with Luis and his girlfriend, Diana (the referrals we got from Hermano Lincolnthe 1st counselor in the bishopric) we also had a lesson with two contacts that we found, Ivan and Henry. Ivan (20) and Henry (24) are brothers. They both struggle with drinking. When we contacted them (a few days ago), Henry said that he just wanted to "change who he was completely". When we met with them for their lesson, I was straight with them. I told them, "Listen, it's going to take a lot of work but it's totally possible to change. Are you guys willing to do whatever it takes to change?" They said, "Yes". I really think they are going to progress. It's amazing how quickly fasting/prayers are answered. We prayed that we would get referrals and we got some. I prayed that we would get some investigators and we got nine! It's just crazy! So, remember that there is nothing that you can't ask our Father. He cares!

We've been meeting with Christian Villanueva, getting him ready for his baptism on Saturday. We taught him about laws and ordinances, had our pre-interview with him, and he's doing great. We've been working really hard for a while now, trying our best to be diligent, and it's finally starting to pay off now. Just remember that it always does. It might suck for a little bit, maybe a little longer than a little bit, but always, always, always, God comes through in the clutch! Remember that He is there for you and He will always help you no matter what. Yeah, it's a simple little thing but, "by simple and small things, great things come to pass."

On Friday morning, during the course of our studies, I may have gotten a little bored and threw an apple out the window to try and break it against the wall across the street and I might have hit the window and shattered it! It was kind of embarrassing but 56 Peruvian Soles later and it's all repaired. Hermano Matias wasn't mad, and it was very nice of him not to be. I can't believe I'm turning 19 on this week! It just doesn't feel like it's my birthday. I'm going to bed on Friday night 18 and I'm waking up 19!

"Hello", this is the 19-year-old Will speakingI didn't know if you could tell the difference. Haha. Today was an awesome day. I started the day off opening up your packages. All kinds of food, toys, ties, pants...seriously, thank you guys! It was awesome! You guys spoil me rotten. For lunch, Elders John and Hardison came over. We had the closest thing to barbecue they have here in Peru. It was really good. It was very nice of Hermano Matias to invite them over. We ended the day with a baptism! Christian is doing really, really well. He was SO happy! After the baptism, we were in the bathroom and I just gave him a big hug! I asked him how he felt and he said, "clean. Like a new person." I got to baptize him which was an awesome thing on my birthday! On Sunday, when Christian received the Holy Ghost, I was able to help with that which was really cool! Later in the evening, we had a meeting with the stake president and that went well. We talked about baptisms and a bunch of other little things and then after that we had another lesson with Luis and Diana. They've had a lot of doubts about the church and they don't know what to believe, so we just sat there and answered all of their questions. It was really good. We invited Diana to say the closing prayer, which she did, and she just cried and cried and cried. It was really cool. It's amazing how quickly Heavenly Father answers our prayers sometimes.

Thank you guys for making this week so very special for me! My birthday was awesome and I love you guys!

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