Monday, April 20, 2015

Second Set of Twins!

Hey everybody! So this was a good week. After Pday we played soccer again and later that night we had a family night with Diego and his family. We watched a Joseph Smith video and ate some of my "peeps" for dessert.

On Tuesday we had a cool experience. We're teaching a new investigator named Deysi and she was telling us that about a month ago she had a dream that two people in white shirts would come to her and say that if she wanted to have peace in her heart and a calmness in her life that she would have to join their church. So when we contacted her on the street, she took that as an answer, or fulfillment, of her dream. She was out walking one night with her mom and little sister and we were walking home after a long day and I felt that I just needed to talk to them. She is really excited to come church. She said that she got off track in her life a little bit but that it's time to get back on track and she knows that this is going to help her. She's only 17 years old and is progressing really well. She's awesome!

The church is just so different here. It's just way harder for leaders to be on time and to do their jobs. We're all learning a lot of patience.

We had about 10 lessons and 20 contacts before Friday. We finished up all the lessons with Jonaton and Jonjairo; they had their baptismal interviews with Elder White, and got baptized on Saturday. Their baptism went well and was really fun. Their whole family came and I had the opportunity to baptize Jonjairo. They both said that they felt really clean and really happy that they had been "reborn". There were a lot of members that came and on Sunday they got confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. This is baptism number seven here for me. That's just kind of crazy. This week has absolutely flown by!

Our Pensionista--Hermana Matias

I'm doing well. I just keep walking up this mountain every day in this crazy heat! (which is good for me) We just got done eating dinner and I'm back in my room. I just finished writing in my journal and now I'm going to floss and brush my teeth and do the nightly routine. This next week we are having interviews with President Henderson so that should be fun. We have interviews with him about every three months. Have a great week!

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