Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter/Conference!

This week on Pday we didn't do much, we just went to Metros and bought a few things and then we went and played soccer.

We are teaching another set of twins, their names are Jonaton and Jonjairo. We are also teaching Raul and Julio and his wife (her name escapes me right now). We also got three new investigators too. We had seven lessons on Tuesday alone. That just doesn't happen. It's cool to have investigators that are doing their stuff, reading....They were like, "Oh yeah, Moroni is Mormon's son..." I was thinking, "You guys are amazing"! It was an awesome, awesome day!

I'm reading Jesus the Christ and am learning all kinds of crazy stuff about Jesus. A lot are things I already knew but just hadn't thought about in this way. I'm taking every chance I can to learn. I freaking love learning new things.

Here in Peru they celebrate Semana Santa (Holy Week) during Easter. They eat fish for like two days straight, they reenact the crucifixion, which I think is kind of weird and messed up, and then they hike up to the big cross that's on the huge hill outside of town. Some people really want to have their hands nailed to wood and everything.

We listened to General Conference and two talks really stuck out to me. One talk was by Dale G. Renlund, where she spoke about a saint is just a sinner that keeps on trying and that we are perfected through the Savior and He expects us to keep trying and help others. If we don't keep trying then we are "latter-day sinners" and "latter-day hypocrites". In the priesthood session I liked Henry B. Eyring's talk about prayer and priesthood and that they're connected; and that we need to pray to the Lord for Him to recognize us and recognize our willingness to serve. Then we need to pray how to serve Him and what we need to do to help other people. That is something that I've always wanted. I want to be the mouthpiece for the Lord. I have given a lot of blessings lately and sometimes I feel like I'm just saying a prayer, but I want to be the Lord spokesman and have a real spiritual experience and bless other people's lives. That is probably what I will be fasting about next.  I just want to be the Lord’s mouthpiece. I really liked the talks given by Jeffrey R. Holland and Kevin Pearson as well.

My "Resurrection Eggs"

I got my Easter packages! Y'all spoil me like crazy! It was awesome!! Hope you all had a Happy Easter! I love you and we'll chat next week!

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