Monday, April 27, 2015


Monday—Pday we really didn't do much, just went to play soccer at the church and then our appointments scheduled for the rest the day fell through.

Tuesday we had our district meeting and then I went on divisions with Elder Sholey. We had a six lesson day which was nice! It rained again but we ordered pizza that night (for delivery) to our room and it was good! It cost us $6 and was worth every penny. It was awesome!

On Thursday we had our interviews with President Henderson. We had to practice teaching a lesson with Elder John (one of the AP's) where they put us in a funny situation. The situation was that he was a new investigator that read something about polygamy, which he doesn't believe in, and he was questioning why Joseph Smith would do that. We had five minutes to resolve that doubt and set a baptismal date with him.

Friday we had five lessons and found a new investigator. I'm learning to play this little toy called a “trompo”. It's like a little top thing that you spin with a string onto the ground. Everybody thinks it's funny that this big, white man is walking around playing with this kid toy, but I don't care because it's fun. Some of the other missionaries sometimes do it too. I don't know, I just like it.

Saturday we had a good day with a lot of lessons and then that night we went out to eat with Elder Bush, Elder Sholey, Elder White, and Elder Lopez. Everything is going pretty well. We've been having a hard time finding new people to teach lately. So we're especially working on that this week. Well, have a great week! I love you all!!

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