Monday, August 31, 2015

Half Way Point!

Monday we played basketball and soccer in an arena which was actually a nice place. The hoops had glass backboards and we could lower them to dunk and stuff. It’s the coliseo in La Merced. Tuesday Elder Torres left to Huancayo for a district leader conference and I stayed with a different missionary named Elder Anzaldo from Bolivia. Had a great day—it’s always nice to work hard.

Wednesday was officially my half way mark! Thanks for all the goodies! Torres got back and we tested out some speakers we used in our activity on Friday. Thursday we prepared for the activity. We had a cool conversation with a member named Jhon. He is the owner of what is called El Recreo Tirol. It’s like a place to vacation. He worked in the temple for like ten years and was the administrator or something. He was telling us how he has seen spirits and stuff. He also said one time he was working at night and was super tired so he prayed to God to help him and he said he saw the hand of Christ and it touched him and he worked for four days without rest. He isn’t some crazy old guy either. He is a really strong member who was an “assistant” in his mission and everything, so that was cool.

Friday and Saturday we had our activity where we watched Meet the Mormons on a projector outside in the soccer court. We had like 80 people come. We had less actives, investigators and recent converts there. Right as we ended with our prayer it started raining like crazy! Harder than I have ever seen in the mission I think. We all got soaked trying to bring in the speakers and things like that. Saturday we found a cool investigator named Yersi. He has been a driver for the missionaries for a long time taking them to Huancayo and stuff.  I will keep you updated on him! Sunday we had 136 people in church and things went well, one investigator and a few less actives! That’s all for now! Ciao!

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