Monday, November 9, 2015

The Natives are Restless!

Monday we went to El Tirol with Elder Bell and Elder Carrasco (he is from Chile). Elder Carrasco is actually from my group so that is kind of cool. Tuesday we didn't do much because my companion was sick so we stayed around the room for the most part.

Wednesday we put a baptismal date with Javier, Rebecca, and Nelly for 21 November. They are seriously so awesome! Elder Gonzalez is feeling a little better.

 Lunch with Bell, Gonzalez, and Carrasco

Thursday I gave a lesson in our district meeting about sharing the gospel with families. We had a pretty full day of work, toward the end Elder Gonzalez started feeling poorly again, but we got a lot of work in so that was nice. It has been raining a lot so things have cooled down quite a bit which is nice! It is worth being a little wet to not be so hot.

Friday not much happened. We did our weekly planning and played volleyball with Javier and Rebecca after we had our lesson with them.

Saturday we helped our pensionista move apartments. I actually found the place for them and it's really nice. Moving their stuff however was not so nice. Everything seemed to weigh a ton! We had to take all of their things up the skinniest flights of stairs. We scratched a lot of things but everything turned out fine.

Views from our roof

We were supposed to have 11 investigators in church on Sunday. I have to admit that it was one of those days I just got really irritated. We had seven people that were technically progressing with a baptismal date--Javier, Rebecca, Nelly, Jersy (The show for for the missionaries), his little brother Kevin, Rosa and her little brother Luis. Nobody came to church! It really made me mad. Javier called and said that something happened with a family member of Nelly's and so she went to Huancayo. Then he called me that night and said I am really sorry, how can I justify what I did, I'm going to pray to God...and so I'm not really mad at them but I am frustrated about the others.

Here's a little crazy thing that happens in Peru:

There is this group called the Asháninka. They are the Indians/natives that live here and they still wear the old traditional clothing and paint their faces, etc. Well, a bunch of them from many different villages came into town and put on a protest. They started closing off roads and wouldn't let anybody go by. They had their bows and arrows and I guess they have actually killed some people in the past—so that was kind of scary. I guess they were protesting the government cutting down trees and not giving them the proper rights to their lands or something like that. I hope that gives you a little taste of what Peru is like and how random things are sometimes!

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