Monday, November 23, 2015

Things Got Jacked Up!

On Pday we went to Bayoz and a waterfall called El Velo de la Novia. That was really fun and then we went a little ways further to another place and got to hold monkeys and jungle cats—it was pretty cool. Later, we went to the Espinoza family's house for Frank's birthday. I gave him some the things that you sent me for Halloween.

Tuesday was kind of nuts. Elder Bell and I were doing divisions and we got a phone call from Elder John in Villa Rica that one of their investigators had fallen off a roof and broke his leg. They're investigator, John, it is an American and he is seriously nuts. He says that he has been a racecar driver and he speaks Russian, Latin, and French fluently. She is 50 years old. His ankle/foot is seriously jacked up! He needs surgery. We had to go receive him in the hospital because he has no friends or family here.

Wednesday we finished our divisions. We went and visited John in the hospital and he is doing better. John has no money and so Elder Jorgensen and Elder John had to call his mom in Connecticut and ask her to help her son. She will only send some money after she talks to her son personally. She thinks that this is some scam or something. I can't believe how much I had to help out with John in the hospital. I helped him get dressed and wrap his cast... It's just crazy when you get thrown into things like that.

Thursday we had our correlation meeting with the ward mission leader. He just got off of his mission from Lima.

Friday not much happens. Hermana Lici, who washes our clothes, fell down the stairs. It was about eight stairs and she had to go to the hospital. We went over and gave her a blessing.

Saturday was a good day of work. It has been really hot the last couple of days so sometimes that is bothersome.

Sunday was good and everything ran smoothly, however, Nelly did not come to church today because she woke up feeling really sick. She's the older lady and will not be able to be baptized this Saturday. Javier and Rebecca still want to so that will be interesting to see how that works out. Nelly will still be baptized it just will take a little bit longer. Caio!

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