Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween II

On Monday we played soccer again with the Espinoza family and some of their friends. Tuesday in our district meeting, I gave a lesson about goals and it went really well. I am needing a lot more patience. I am struggling a little bit with Elder Gonzales and his Spanish. He is a great guy but he just seems to keep to himself in the lessons and I am doing all of the talking, but he is working hard and I'm sure he will improve. We walked a TON on Tuesday. We walked so much because a lot of our meetings fell through and we went all over our area.

Wednesday was a sweet day! It rained a lot and we had seven lessons! The lessons were all quite enjoyable. Brenda, the little one-year-old daughter of Hermana Magali, had a seizure. So I think they have to take her into Lima to get her checked out.

Thursday was another regular day of work. Friday there was a little activity for the primary where the kids came and dressed up as butterflies and things like that at the church. Food was handed out and we had a fun time, we had a few investigators there.

Saturday was Halloween so Happy Halloween! It was a really, really good day. We just walked around and worked hard and we found this family of golden investigators! They were a reference from La Merced. Their names are: Javier, Rebecca (his cousin), and Nelly (his aunt). They live clear way up at the top of our area, so we have to travel a fair ways to go and get them and teach them. They are seriously so awesome! Elder Gonzalez is doing much better. He is working hard, we are studying together, and I'm seeing some good improvement.

The power went out in all of San Ramon on Sunday so church was really toasty inside. But that's all right! We had five investigators in church: Javier, Rebecca, Nelly, Rosa, and Luis. I was so glad to see them. They are all doing great. I had to teach gospel principles because a teacher has not been called yet. After church, we had a good day of work. We had a 16-year-old kid named Luis, who is a member, come with us to some of our meetings. There were a lot of people in the cemetery today because it is the day of the dead. Here in the jungle everyone feels that this holiday is people worshiping Satan, so not a lot of people celebrate it, but there were a few cute little kids running around the town dressed up. We didn’t really do anything different on Halloween though, just worked and everything like that. Last year we definitely did more traditional things but I still don’t know which one I liked more.

Peruvian cemetery celebrating "the day of the dead"

I just got out of the ice cold shower, I feel great, things are going really well but my companion is not feeling the best today. I want to wish Nikenna happy birthday! So, Happy Birthday!! I love you so very, very, very much! I can't believe you are 18 and an adult! That just freaks me out! But, I know things like this have to happen. Well, have a great week. Love you all!

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