Monday, February 1, 2016

In the Zone!

Happy Birthday Dad and Mom! Don’t even think that I forgot. I was just waiting to tell you all at once! On our Pday we went to this giant cross/statue of Christ in this little town called Acobamba. It's about 15 minutes from Tarma in the direction of Palca. It kind of sucked as we were walking up because we didn't see the path—so we kind of suffered. On the way down, we saw this nice little path which cut our time basically in half. It was kind of funny. After getting down, we went to the church and played soccer. Later, we had a good lesson with the Villegas family and then watched a movie about families with our investigator, Kennedy. We watched the movie with him and his sisters. All of his sisters are members. He is the only member of his family that is not a member yet but we are working really hard with him.

Tuesday I completed 17 months in the mission, which is kind of crazy to me. We had our district meeting, which was good, as always.

On Wednesday we put a baptismal date with our investigator, Edwin. We put it for 20th February. He accepted it really quickly and it was cool. Later we played soccer at the church and Rosa Pizarro's husband came—cool. My pensionista gave me like an antibiotic kind of thing for my head to help that spot heal.

We went to Palca on Thursday and met some less active members with Hermano Jarasca. We also went to a La Oroya to approve a room that the other missionaries want to move into this month. It's a good room they just don't have a shower. So we'll have to get that built and a couple of things like that. It will be a lot better than their other room; that other room is just garbage. We worked for a few hours and then went to Hermana Rocia's, who does our laundry, for her little birthday party thing. She felt really special and we gave her a blessing because a couple of things are passing in her life.

We watched meet the Mormons on Friday for our ward mission night. We had a decent amount of people show up. There was popcorn and soda and all of that awesome stuff. We watched it on a projector upstairs in the chapel. We got a call about an emergency transfer. So we took care of that and everything went well. I had an awesome baptismal interview with a girl named Banya. It was really cool and spiritual.

On Saturday we had minimal success. We couldn't visit our planned people because we didn't have a priesthood holder to go with us. We had to give a little presentation to all of the branch presidents in the district. We talked about a few points that everyone to do a little bit better. El Milagro had two baptisms, Abner and Banya. We went to this restaurant called Pollo Stop with President Durman and his family. We also did a little service in the morning where we went and cleaned the church and helped the sisters move rooms.

On Sunday we did not have that many people in church, I really don't know why but it kind of stinks. We had a good Ward Council and then we had a good lesson with Kennedy. He mentioned that after the blessing that we gave him, he has had a much better relationship with his wife. He said that he has been reading and praying with his wife and that has been a big difference maker. We want so badly for him to be baptized!

Well, my head is doing better and things are going well. I love you guys so much and thanks for everything!

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