Monday, February 15, 2016

Travel. Meetings. Travel. Valentines.

Monday we had a zone Pday and we played soccer, ping-pong, basketball, and a couple of other things. When I was playing basketball I got my face scratched and so I came away from that game with a few cuts and scratches. I got a call from Elder Gutierrez telling me that president would like me to conduct some meeting thing we are going to have with Elder Godoy later this week, so I will be doing that again.

 carnival photos

Tuesday we gave our training and it went well and then we did divisions with Marcavalle. Marcavalle is an area in La Oroya and the missionaries there are Elders Campbell and Bruno.

Wednesday we went to Huancayo and while I was shaving we got a phone call from president. Elder Calle is now the new assistant! So that is really cool! I told him he was going to be the next assistant! (Assistants always go in a week before the regular transfers) My new companion is Elder Mendoza. He is from Tumbes, Peru. He is a fun guy. All of his family are members and she has about 14 months out in the mission. We stayed in a hotel because there was no room in the mission home because of all the missionaries that were there from the various zones.

Me and Elder Mendoza emailing!

The conference went really well on Thursday. I conducted the meeting send it went just fine. The spirit was really strong, we talked about some traps that missionaries sometimes fall in to when teaching investigators. I took a lot of notes in my study journal. Only the district leaders and zone leaders stayed in the mission home that night. We ate Burger King for dinner and I also bought a nice pair of dress shoes. They only cost me 40 soles and they were so nice! Older white bought some too. My other shoes were pretty thrashed and I wanted some decent ones to come home in and I got them!

Elder Carlos A. Godoy

Friday we took a convey to Huánuco and eight hours later we arrived! The training with the leaders and Elder Godoy was good. We basically made a list of what we thought, as leaders, we could do to help the zone out and then we explained why and discussed it as a group. For lunch we went to an awesome burger joint called Locos. I had half a Mexican burger and half an American burger with a milkshake and fries. It was seriously like I was back home. It was super good. I never knew about that place when I lived in Huánuco. It's probably a good thing because I would have gone there a lot. I saw Elder Tapia. He is in Cerro and he is training. So I guess I have a "grandson"-- I think his name is Elder Crossland.

"3 generations"

Saturday I got back to Tarma in time to baptize one of the sister's investigators. She asked me last Sunday if I could baptize her and I was glad that I was able to do it. Her name is Graciela. I was really tired, I think because we had been traveling so much, and it was really nice to be back in our room.

Graciela and the sisters

Happy Valentine's Day! I have to be totally honest and say that I forgot it was Valentine's Day until someone told me at dinner. The zone is doing well. We didn't get to teach too much this week because we were gone and traveling so much. Traveling kind of sucks because it kind of feels like I have done nothing all week. I'm excited to get back to work. I miss you guys and I hope things going well. I love you all!

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