Monday, February 8, 2016

Life is Ever Changing

On Monday we had a "Pday of elders". We all went to the indoor soccer arena (it has artificial turf) because it was raining so hard outside. The elders from Junín stay the night with us that night as well as Elder White and Elder Whitaker because we went to Huancayo the next day for consejo.

Tuesday we had Burger King for lunch and Pizza Hut for dinner while we were in Huancayo for training. I really liked the training the assistants gave about the rock of Christ and how we can help people construct that rock or rebuild it and build a firm foundation.

Zone Leader Conference

Wednesday we had a couple lessons. Luz Osorio in Palca told us that Sergio received an offer to go to Chile to work. Now they are worried about the marriage and baptism. We told them that something was probably going to happen and we tried to prepare everything in case something did happen, so we are going to try and get everything set up for the 13th. It rained in the evening so we did not get to go play soccer but things are fine. I'm a little stressed out about all these things but it will be fine and will work out.

Happy Birthday mom! I can't believe it's your birthday. February is ticking right on by. It's kind of freaking me out, seriously, the next thing you know it will be my birthday and then there goes February and there goes another month then the last general conference then comes the Skype call for Mother's Day and everything like that. It's just going crazy. I hope you have a great day and that you get spoiled because you deserve it! Thursday we did divisions with El Milagro 2. I split with Elder Butterfield and my companion was with Elder Barrus. We helped a family move some furniture and various things while they were moving into a different house and afterwards we had a chance to teach them. We had nine new investigators! They all listened very intently and accepted another visit. They attend the MMM church. They were super receptive, which was cool!

Friday we finished our divisions. President Durman and his family went with us to Palca to visit Luz. We talked about their marriage a bit to make sure it's a sure thing and we are still waiting to get an answer. We had a meeting with the District presidency and it went well.

On Saturday, Hermana Berta's dad died. We gave him a blessing after he passed away in the hospital. He was still warm and it was kind of weird, we arrived just after he passed away. Strange. She is doing all right. We did some service for the nine investigators we taught the other day. We did not get to teach them a lesson because they went to the market. We put a baptismal dates however with Eduardo and Rosa for 13th of March.

This weekend there is this carnival/festivity going on where men are dressed up as women and they're dancing in the street. It's called carnivales. It's kind of weird but that's just life here in Peru.

On Sunday we spoke with Kevin and Luz and Sergio isn't going to be baptized until he gets back from Chile. It looks like he will be working in Chile till December. That kind of stinks. We had 91 people in Sacrament meeting today which was awesome. We have a new investigator named Jorge who came to church and Santiago came as well. Santiago still has not accepted a baptismal date because he said he had a dream where he met this like mountain man that told him that he needs to pay his debts until he works with God. We told him to pray about it and he received this dream and so who are we to tell him that it was not an answer from God but he seems to be doing pretty well. We also received the news that we are going to Huancayo Wednesday this next week instead of Thursday for training. We will have some preliminary training on Wednesday and then everyone who is not a zone leader will leave and then we will stay Thursday night to have an additional meeting with Elder Godoy. Friday we will go to Huánuco now! We will stay the whole day there and then we will come back Saturday morning. I was asked to baptize one of the ladies that the sisters are teaching on Saturday so I hope I get back in time. It's kind of crazy that we will be traveling so much. I had to carry Hermana Berta's dad's casket down the giant stairs that lead from her house. It was sad. They like put cotton in their mouth and ears and nostrils here. It's kind of gross. They took him to Cerro de Pasco to bury him. That was my week. Hope you had a great one! I love you!!

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