Monday, March 21, 2016

District Conference

We had a good time on Pday—we made tacos, which is always nice! We played soccer and basketball after making tacos; I also got my haircut.

Tuesday we had a full day of work. Elder Holmes, President Henderson's personal secretary, has been talking to the Justice Department about the bus incident last week. I had to send him an email with a bunch of facts about the company, who was involved, how and what happened, etc.

Wednesday was kind of a cruddy day I have to admit. We had one lesson; however, that one lesson was a pretty good one. We got two new investigators out of it.

Thursday was much better. We had for good lessons. Edgar's wife is going to talk to her boss to see if she can get her day off to be Sundays so she can come to church. We contacted some references that some members from another branch gave to us. They are going to be great investigators! We also went and gave a blessing to Graciela. I baptized her for the sisters a little while ago. She is getting two tumors removed.

Friday we had our weekly planning and had a few lessons. We also had our weekly meeting with the presidency of the district. We discussed how this next week we are going to go have an "attack". So the whole district here in Tarma is going to go to Junín and we're going to try and get a lot of work done there.

Saturday we started a fast with Santiago because he asked us to. We're fasting to help him take care of the debts that he has. He is doing awesome! She is super, super cool! I just love him to death! He wants to improve so badly. He's working hard to get to his baptismal date later this month. He even went to the priesthood session of the district conference and everything. He's doing really well!

Sunday was the district conference here in Tarma. All of the missionaries in the zone came as well as the members in those areas which includes: San Pedro de Cajas, Junín, Marcavalle, La Oroya, Modelo 1 y 2, Mantarana, and El Milagro 1 y 2. President and Sister Henderson came. Hermano José Villegas and Kevin received the Melchizedek  priesthood. Kevin received the calling of branch secretary and José Villegas received the calling of Sunday school president. One of the coolest things was that we also helped José give his first blessings to his wife and Valentino for their health. We also found three new families to teach this week. That is awesome because I always love to teach families!

A funny story—a guy we are teaching thinks he knows everything and makes the funniest comments. We read a scripture about repentance and he stops us midway and says, "I know what this Scripture refers to, the three Nephites who aren't dead." His wife isn't a member yet and it just confuses her. Ha ha. You guys are the best! I love you all!

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