Monday, March 14, 2016

Sad Stuff

Something crazy happened on Pday as we were on our way to La Merced. After traveling for some time I walked toward the front of the bus to speak with the driver's assistant (the person sitting next to the driver who opens the door, takes tickets/money...) to see if he would change the music. As I was starting to speak to him, some drunken man walks into the middle of the road. The driver swerved to try and miss him but he couldn't avoid him. He hit the man head on breaking the windshield and then we felt him get run over by the tires. I literally saw a man die. It was super sad! Once we got to La Merced it poured rain all day, we played soccer, basketball, and tossed the football around a little bit; some missionaries went to El Tirol waterfall. I did not go because it would've been like my 8 billionth time there. We are staying at Henry's Recreo and I roomed with Elders Mendoza, White, and Whitaker. It is so pretty here.

The multi zone on Tuesday was awesome. We learned about how to help investigators understand the importance of attending church. We traveled back to Tarma without any issues. Everyone stayed together that night because of the zone training the next day. We did fun little activities at the zone conference like tying balloons to shoelaces and then trying to pop each other's balloons. Inside the balloons were little puzzle pieces and then you had to put the puzzle together. The puzzle ended up being a picture of Elder Whitaker and Elder White (they were in charge of the activity), so that was pretty funny. My companion conducted the meeting and we were in charge of the practices/role playing. We did the Restoration (in four minutes) and the one about the importance of attending church. After the multi zone we went out to eat and I had mariscos (seafood). It was good!

Keyboards in Spanish

Wednesday the training went really well. We talked about repentance and I think it worked. The mission has really been emphasizing right now that everyone be clean and have the spirit because if not then we're kind of just wasting time. After the training, we got all of the missionaries sent off and then later we played soccer that night. Santiago is still excited about getting baptized!

Thursday was a pretty average day. We ran into Sergio and he asked us to help him throw out some of his vices so we helped him do that. We taught Edgar a lesson so that was good. It rained SUPER hard that night! It flooded all the streets and everything.

Friday we had four lessons and our weekly planning also went well. We sent Elder Perez to Huancayo because of his leg. I'm not sure if I mentioned but he is having problems with his leg so hopefully that all gets figured out and he gets feeling better.

We went to Palca on Saturday with President Durman. Guadalupe and her mom are doing really well. We had an awesome experience with Jorge. We planned to teach him the parable of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16. When we got there he told us he had a dream of a friend who had passed away about two years ago. She came and talked to him. Jorge thought originally she had gone to hell but somehow moved to heaven. He said he remembered reading a parable in the Bible but he didn't remember where. It was exactly what we had planned on teaching. It was cool to have prayed and received the inspiration and been able to walk in and teach exactly what he needed. The spirit was so strong. The sad part is that he didn't really accept that visitation/dream as an answer. He thought it was just coincidence. We've decided to kind of leave him for a little bit and give him some time and hopefully he will realize what he really needs.

Sunday we had an attendance of 92 people. We had a full morning of lessons and then one lesson after church. We also found a really cool family! We went to this mountain that I've always wanted to go and do contacts in ever since I got here. I've always thought that there were people waiting there and sure enough there was a less active man whose wife's not a member. His parents are actually sealed in the temple. He knows a lot of things but has been less active for two years and his wife has desires to be baptized! It is awesome! They have a little kid too. The branch is getting better and things are going well! Know that I love you and will talk to you later.

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