Monday, April 25, 2016

"Just Chillin!"

Pday this week was pretty lame. I basically just watched two zones play soccer because I couldn't play because of my knee—but no big deal. I got to laugh and joke around with some of the guys. A little later I was informed that I was going to be going to the office for the next two weeks to heal up. If I don't heal, then I'm going to have to go home. I will be resting and icing my knee and doing whatever I can to try and get better.

Tuesday I got to the new mission home. It's pretty sweet. It's a little bit smaller but a lot more modern. I am crashing with Elder Compton and Elder Holmes. It was a long day! I basically just sat and did nothing in the office except rest and ice my knee. Hopefully they will give me a job to do or something.

Wednesday we went to President's house and Hermana Henderson asked me to make an English book with 25 little lessons that could be taught in like district meetings. I think it’s so the Latinos can get some practice with English. There is the job that I was looking for! We all know how bad I suck on the computer so this should be a good experience. Being in the office lets you know a little bit more of how the mission works. It's really cool! I actually knew a fair amount already. My knee still feels kind of heavy but I'm sure it will improve.

Thursday was a normal day. I basically just rested and ran a couple of errands with the secretaries. We went to Real Plaza, which is a sweet mall, to get a couple of things. It kind of makes you feel like you are back home because it is a modern mall.

Friday I was back to resting my knee again. My knee is just kind of sore and achy. It feels like it's just kind of a deep, chronic pain like I've had it for a while. I feel like I just need to do some exercises and to some therapy on my knee. It's kind of cool being with the missionaries in the office because it's pretty funny sometimes. There's just a lot of laughing.

Saturday I just chilled and iced my leg. Later that evening there was a stake talent show in the Peñaloza chapel, which is the old chapel that I attended. So I got to see some of the members and they were all concerned and asking about my leg. "Oh my gosh, how are you doing? We are all praying for you and your knee! We miss you!" I have only been here for a couple of weeks. They're really awesome! After the talent show there were a lot of people that went to Hermana Charo's (my former pensionista) and ate picarones. It was good!

Sunday I went to the La Libertad ward with Elder Compton and Elder Holmes. Afterwards we had lunch and then we went to the office so I could rest/ice my knee.  I kind of feel like I'm a burden for everyone, which sucks! I hope my knee heals quickly. I hate this! I hope you guys have a great week and I love you!

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