Monday, April 4, 2016

Transferred to Huancayo!

Monday we really didn't do too much. We played Uno at the church with the elders from Mantarana.

Tuesday we had an awesome day of work! It was just filled with lessons! Filled I tell you! We also found a bunch of new people to teach! This area is just booming right now!! We found out the changes and I will be transferred to Huancayo to be zone leader. My companion is from Rockwall, Texas and his name is Elder Thatcher. I am super excited!

Wednesday I arrived in Huancayo and our room is remarkable! We have an oven, sink, and triple bunk bed. We even have an outdoor deck thing. We live on the top floor of a nice house. I feel like a rich man or something. Hermana Charo is my pensionista. She cooks us hot wings, pancakes, picarones and everything that we want.

The mission office is in our zone. The elders from Pampas are with us because there is some sort of strike thing going about a University between Pampas and Huancavelica. There are people with rocks and sticks in the streets and they are angry. Our zone is sweet and huge! Huancavelica and Pampas are in it, so I will get to visit those places. It is funny that I am the zone leader of the same zone that I started the mission in (Pampas was my first area). Our zone is in the actual city of Huancayo. It is awesome and exactly what I wanted!

Thursday I went to the clinic/hospital with Elder Collantes for them to check out my knee. They gave me a shot in the butt and they need to put two more in me later. The places that I went to have my shot put in were pretty scary. They were little rooms called Topicas in the street. It seemed like random people with piercings put my shots in. It was kind of scary but quite the experience.  I am walking and doing what I can but my knee really does hurt. Hopefully the inflammation will go down and things will be fine.

Happy April Fools' Day! Today kind of sucked because Elder Collantes told me that I shouldn't be on my feet much. He told me I can walk four hours a day, two hours at a time. I received another shot and I'm sure that things will be all better soon.

Saturday we watched General Conference in English. I really liked the priesthood session. I have a new perspective on a lot of things and I'm going to be trying to "access more of God's power through the priesthood". There were a lot of cool messages!

Sunday was another awesome day of General Conference. We are a little bit worried of how the prophet is doing. He didn't talk too much. We had some investigators come also! I am starting to get used to the new area and the new roads. I hope you guys had a great week and I send my love!

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