Monday, April 11, 2016

No Church This Week! It's the Law!

Monday was a real solid Pday. The knee is still kind of bugging me but oh well. There are four zones here in Huancayo. Our zone (Huancayo – Peñaloza), Los Andes, Mantaro, and San Carlos. After we ate we went to the stake center and played games (basketball, volleyball, football). After chilling for a while we went to this cool souvenir shop. I bought a few things and I am almost done buying souvenirs.

Tuesday we had a good consejo of the zone leaders. We had Popeye’s for lunch and Pizza Hut for dinner. The trainings were good. It's not as cool to go to these zone leader meetings because we don't get to stay in the new mission home. We got the Pampas elders sent back to their area now that the strike thing is pretty much over.

Wednesday we had district meeting, which went well. Afterwards we had a full day of work. Our teaching pool is kinda small; we are rebaptizing a girl whose record as a member was lost or something. Her name is Zandalee and her baptismal date is the 29th of this month I think. We have a couple of other people who have a baptismal date but they have to stop working Sundays and stuff like that. My knee really is hurting me and I was supposed to go to the clinic on but the doctor didn't come in. Don't worry about me. It's not like I can't walk. It's just bugging me and I need to get it fixed.

Thursday I went to the clinic and they wanted to do a full exam on my knee. We have to receive permission from President Henderson to run the tests so I think it will be this next week. Elder Thatcher took me out to eat at Totus and it was awesome! It's like this Italian restaurant. We had this three cheese lasagna and oh my gosh it was delicious! Thursday is the day that we go to the office and pick up packages, so we did that too.

Friday the elders from Huancavelica stayed with us because of our interviews with Presidente. I got my scripture cases that I ordered from Huancavelica which are so, so awesome! One cool story— Elder Thatcher has been working with a couple for three months. They are Catholics and are really nice but they have never accepted a baptismal date or anything. So I went for my first time the other day and we challenged them to a date and they accepted it! It was a really cool lesson with a strong spirit. We talked about the Book of Mormon and they have decided to prepare for the 7th of May. Super cool! Their names are Alejandro and Vilma.

Saturday we had our interviews with President Henderson. He told me that he was going to ask for permission for me to get an MRI taken of my knee to see if anything is torn. If something is torn then I will be heading home to have surgery. That would suck! If it is just inflammation, then he is going to try and "save" me. I might be in the office for a bit helping him out and resting my knee a little more than I normally would be.

Sunday we did not have church because they were having presidential elections. Not too many people wanted to listen to us. There was a lot of drinking and parties going on. Last time during elections I was in the CCM and it happened to be the same week as General Conference. They postponed General Conference because we are not allowed to have meetings in Peru during the week of elections. It's the law. No news yet about the MRI. I called Elder Collantes and he said that president thinks it will be Monday. I don't know, I'm sure he will let me know as soon as he gets permission. I'm not sure if I mentioned it but we, as zone leaders, do practices with the missionaries. They are like practice lessons and they all went well. We have to do evaluations on every companionship as well. Every time we have interviews we do that. Anyways, that was my week. I hope you had a great one. I love you all!

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