Monday, April 18, 2016

"We Have a Chance!"

For Pday this week we didn't really do too much. We just played sports like volleyball at the church with everyone in the zone. I didn't get too involved because of my knee. We didn't have too much luck with our meetings that evening. We did teach Zandalee a lesson and that went well.

Tuesday we gave a good zone training. We talked about developing faith in Jesus Christ and a couple of other things that I feel really helped the zone. The training went great. Elder Collantes called me and told me that the MRI machine is in maintenance and we are going to have to wait till later to do it. I did divisions with Elder Larson for the day and it went well. We went to Totus for dinner. It is this Italian restaurant and the food is really, really good!

Wednesday we went to Huancavelica to approve one of the companionship's rooms and to see how things were going. Huancavelica is a pretty cool place! The road to Huancavelica is known to be like the worst in the mission because it is like 3 hours of curves/switchbacks. I've got to admit that it was pretty rough but I was fine. The missionaries were doing well. They have the nicest casa capilla (church house/mini church) that I have seen in the mission. It made the one that we had in Pampas look like garbage. We ate at an Italian restaurant called Oregano's. The valley we drove through was really pretty. We went through this little town (Izcuchaca) that sold this really good cheese bread! It was kind of cool.

Thursday we got back from Huancavelica and then I received my MRI. Getting the MRI was kind of a weird experience. They had me lay down on the table and a robe. They strapped my knee in and had me put on some headphones because the machine was super loud. It lasted around 30 minutes.

Friday I was supposed to get the results of the MRI but the one doctor that can read them wasn't there. Elder Collantes is going to send them to Presidente to try to see what's up. I'm just kind of on waiting mode which sucks. We had our weekly planning this morning and then we went proselyting. We went to the nicest place in the entire mission to eat. The restaurant is La Leña Prime. You gotta love hot wings and ribs!

Ceviche de Pollo

Saturday President Henderson sent my MRI results to his brother who is an orthopedic surgeon. We also had a pre-interview with Zandalee. Things are looking good for her to be baptized on the 29th!

Church was pretty good on Sunday. I finally got to know the ward. I hadn't been to church here yet because of General Conference and the Peruvian elections. It's a big ward and it is awesome! The people are nice and the chapel is nice which is great! Please don't worry about me. I'm fine. I'm just trying to keep you updated on my health. My knee is just trash and it really, really hurts. Ha ha. But I'm fine, I can still walk, I'm not paralyzed. President did call me and said, "We have a chance" and that his brother did not see anything wrong in the results. So that's awesome! It must just be a lot of inflammation. President told me he has some plans for me and will let me know in the next couple of days what I need to do. I'm sure all will go well. I love you guys and can't wait to hear how your week went!

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