Monday, March 16, 2015

God is Great!

After I wrote you guys on Pday, we went out to eat as a zone to this Chinese restaurant named Khon Wa. I had a steak. We then went as a zone to the temple of Kotosh. I didn't see a temple, buildings, or ruins. It basically was as if we rented a grass field. Good thing we only paid one Sol. We were probably in the wrong spot.

I got my package from you guys on Tuesday and oh my word did you guys spoil me. It's seriously ridiculous, it's all laying out my bed right now, I can't even tell you guys how amazing it is! I got to organize it all, it all traveled pretty well, only one of the little toothpastes exploded but that was it. I really like this new white baptismal tie that you sent me. It's pretty sweet. It's kind of like a sparkly, snowy camouflage tie. I'm going to wear it at the baptism.

Wednesday we had to drop one of our investigators. She just wasn't progressing. I basically just told her when you're ready we are here to teach you. Thursday and Friday we prepared for the baptism. Johnny had his baptismal interview with Elder White and it went great. We also had some lessons that went well.

Saturday we filled the baptismal font and had Johnny's baptism. I was able to baptize him and it was amazing! It was probably my favorite baptism that I've had so far. I didn't have to worry about anything, it was nice and organized, people showed up on time, it was just awesome! I really felt the spirit!! I am so happy! I am on cloud nine! His whole family was there and now they want to join the church. Johnny has a twin brother named John and now John has a baptismal date set for the 28th of March! He has already attended all of the meetings that are required; we just need to finish teaching him. We had investigators show up late, but that's okay because I freaking love them! There were so many people there I am just so, so very happy right now! I just need to remember that when the bad times come, the good times like this are always on their way. Seriously, please remember that things always do get better; if you are doing the right things you will be rewarded! That's one of the things we teach. It's one of the simplest promises and principles of God. Your obedience will always bring blessings! I love you guys so much! Have a great week.

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