Monday, March 30, 2015


Hey guys! Monday after I wrote you we went to Ambo and played soccer at this indoor facility with Hermana Dali, one of our less actives. Transfers got pushed back a day because there was a mudslide in between Lima and Huancayo. The road was blocked and the "new" missionaries couldn't get in and the "old" Missionaries couldn't get out. We had a number of lessons this week. We are working Elder Hardison's schedule as well as our own until he gets a companion.

Thursday we had transfers. I am staying here to finish Elder Tapia's training. Some people from our zone have left and became zone leaders. Elder Pincock, who was a district leader here, is going to be a zone leader with Elder Fitzgerald in Huancayo. Elder Delgado is becoming a district leader in Huancayo. Elder Inkley came to be a zone leader here in Huánuco (in La Colonial). Elder Hardison's new companion is Elder Fawson, the previous assistant. It's kind of funny that Elder John and Elder Fawson just switched spots. Elder Fawson is from Panguitch.

We had John's baptism on Saturday and it was awesome! I had the opportunity to baptize him and it was a really spiritual service. He was really, really happy. You should have seen the smile on his face. It was crazy big! He was super, super happy! It's amazing what this gospel can do to bless the lives of people. Another cool thing was that we had some investigators come to the baptism. I wasn't expecting them to come but it just goes to show that people can do things that you don't think they can.

It was a little bit crazy getting the baptism ready. All during the day we did not have lights. We were scrambling around and hoping the lights would come on, we said a prayer and sure enough the lights came on. Then there was no water. We had to find somebody to turn on the water. We had to use hoses and buckets and whatever we could use to fill the font. We said another little prayer and once again God provided. It worked out perfectly, better than I thought it would. Christian got the priesthood about three weeks ago. He, Mariana and Gabriella are doing great. We are going to watch general conference this next week at the stake center, so that’ll be sweet.

As a little side note, there was this big truck (like a water truck) that was coming down this hill and the brakes went out. He ended up going down this flight of stairs and crashed into this mud house and broke it. It was crazy to see this big truck tipped up on its side. The driver went to the hospital and I think he ended up dying. It's pretty crazy and sad to see that. Well, until next time. Adios!

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