Monday, March 23, 2015

Street Burgers!

Monday after I wrote you guys I went and got my haircut, went to Metros and bought some floss and stuff, and then we went and played soccer on the turf fields. It was our zone against another zone and it was really fun.

On Tuesday night, Elder John got a phone call and he is now the new assistant to President Henderson. So Wednesday morning he left and his companion, Elder Hardison, is now with us temporarily.

We had more meetings with John, Johnny's brother, and things are going well that way. Just getting him ready for his baptism. We found some more less actives to teach so that is great. We had one of our meetings fall through, so the first counselor in the bishopric took us out for these burgers. They were AMAZING! Oh my word! They were from this little cart thing on the street but they were incredible!

On Friday there was a big stake activity about missionary work. There were about 200 people there. It was freaking nuts! I figured there would only be about 80. They asked me to do a little presentation/training there and it all went well. We came back and killed some fruit flies in our house and then went out and had some lessons.

It's really good to go to church after a week’s worth of work and have good attendance. There were 113 people there which is awesome. We had two new investigators, Elga and John, (mom and son) that came and John (Johnny's brother) came also. He is progressing well toward his baptism.

I just want to say “sorry” for how selfish I was back home. I thought about myself before anyone else every freaking time. That is something that I have completely changed since I've been out here. It was great to get your letter. Rachel, it is awesome that you finished the Book of Mormon in two days! Wow! I love you guys so much! Have a great week! Ciao! 

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