Thursday, March 5, 2015

6 Month Mark!

Hey guys, so Monday, after I wrote you guys, we went back to our place and changed and then went to Tottus. We messed around there for a while and then we went and played a little soccer, had some lunch and went and helped a family move. Later we made no bake cookies with Elder Bush and his companion, Elder White, Elder John, and Elder Hardison. They were really good actually. On Tuesday we had our normal district meeting in the morning. Later we had some lessons with our investigators which went well. They're all progressing and we set a baptismal date with a few of them for March 21st.

Wednesday was a pretty good day actually, we had a member come with us to every meeting, which is always nice, it's a really big help. We set baptismal dates with 3 more investigators for March 21st. We're going to work hard to make that happen. It's definitely not going to be easy with some of the problems that they're having, but we're going to make it happen.

On Thursday I completed six months in the mission, which is crazy! I can't believe I am a quarter of the way done. Friday not much happened we will just leave it at that.

Thanks for my T-shirt Aunt Heather

Saturday we went to Ambo for a little activity for the youth that are getting ready to go on a mission. It was cool! We, as a companionship, got to take the youth and go and teach people. It was a really good day and we had a lot of success. I was able to give a blessing of health while I was out and I felt really good while doing it. The blessing was for a little girl who was sick. It was such a great experience. We found two new investigators and I hope they come to church. We have about eight people that we're supposed to pick up for church and I'm not sure how that's going to work out but we are working hard and things are going well.

I'm fasting right now and I have a headache because we've been traveling and there's so much noise outside of our home right now. I'm kind of miserable but that's okay because sacrifice brings blessings. But seriously, there is this huge party going on right outside of my door!! It is ridiculous! It is so loud! They have these freaking speakers that are about 10 feet high, no joke! They can't be allowed to do that, it has got to be against the law. Everything smells like beer outside. I just opened the window and it reeks!! There are these two big trees that they cut down and they put little decorations on it and they have a weird blanket of a cat...I just don't even know, it's ridiculous! I can't believe they're doing this. I hopefully am going to be able to sleep. But that's alright! I love it! I freaking love it! The mission, it's awesome!! I love you guys! Keep praying for me and our investigators. Pray that I have patience with these people tonight!

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