Monday, June 29, 2015

Big Authority!

Monday, on Pday, we just played soccer and hung around. Tuesday we had interviews/training with President Henderson. We had a cool experience with Hector. He said that ever since I gave him that blessing he has had many opportunities to drink. His friends came and looked for him and tried to get him to go drinking but he has felt a lot more empowered and has said no to drinking. In the blessing I said something like "flee from the temptations that easily beset you" and that is what he's doing. It's always cool to see the priesthood work and people's faith grow.

This is what's left of my package 

Wednesday we had a fairly normal day. We had 3 lessons and 14 contacts. Thursday we traveled to Huánuco because Elder Wardell is coming to speak to us missionaries. I stayed with the zone leaders (Inkley and Gonzalez).

Friday we met with Elder Wardell for our conference. He is huge! I didn't realize he was so big; he is like 6'7"! I said the opening prayer for the conference which was kind of cool. One of the things that the general authority said to us was that we made a covenant with God through the prophet when we acknowledged our mission call and signed our letter of acceptance. He spoke of what God expects of us and how we can achieve it. I am going to change a few things and have recommitted to be better!

Saturday we went back to Cerro de Pasco and got ready for church the next day. On Sunday we had 2 lessons, got 2 new investigators and 5 contacts. I gave another blessing to Hector's mom. She was having some stroke like symptoms. I gave her the blessing at church and when we left, she said that she felt like her pain was going away. That was cool! Well, I miss you guys and will chat with you soon!

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