Monday, June 8, 2015

Meet the Mormons

Monday, after I wrote you guys, we went out to eat as a district to La Moderna. It's kind of like a bakery. I had a hamburger with an egg on it and some french fries, it was pretty good. Then we went to the San Juan chapel and played some cards and watched "Meet the Mormons". On Tuesday I did divisions with Elder Gonzalez. He is from Ecuador and is a good missionary. We stayed in my area to work. Things are going pretty well with our investigators.

Here's something crazy. Betty, one of our investigators, her husband was driving with three others on their way to Lima and they got in a wreck with this huge truck. We heard that two of the four people died and the other two were in Lima. So Betty went to Lima, then we heard that one more person died so we called her. It turns out that her husband was the only survivor. He needs to have a couple of operations but he is still around.

I lost my name tag. It must've just fallen off somewhere; I don't know where it is. I still have another one but it's kind of sad to lose the first one.

Friday we had weekly planning and taught three lessons. On Saturday we started our fast. Things are going good here and are starting to get moving. We're teaching this 15-year-old girl named Micheli. She is progressing really well. On Sunday, there were 81 people attending church. That is more than normal and that is with one of the active families not in attendance. We had five less actives come to church and one investigator, Micheli. Her mom is less active and Micheli is doing really well. She's really nice and we met with her that evening. She's making good friends in the church and she's really changing, which is cool to see. I love seeing how this gospel can change people. It's crazy how different she is from when we first met her.

Well, I'm just waiting to get calls from my district for this week's numbers. I'm happy and I am doing well. I love you all!

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