Monday, June 1, 2015

New Digs!

This week on Pday we bought some beanies and then later had a family night with Hermano Huaipa, which went well.

My feet have really, really been hurting me again. I have no idea what it is. It's like they are asleep and the balls of my feet are hurting. I don't know it's just weird. On Tuesday I completed nine months in the mission, which is crazy! It actually happened to be one of the worst days of my mission so far. Everything fell through, it was garbage. Nothing really worked out. It was really hard to want to be out in the mission field that day. However, I know those feelings will pass and better days will come.

On Wednesday we got settled into our new room. It's on the fourth floor above this clinic and it’s mold free! We are paying 350 every month now. One of the members of the ward had a huge truck and they helped us move. The zone leaders and my district helped us too. It's seriously so nice! We can even get hot water bags for our blankets if we want!

We found three investigators and taught three lessons on Thursday. We also installed a new shower head in our shower, so that was nice! The old one keep squirting us in the eyes and getting the floor all wet.

Friday we had five lessons, three of them were with a member present which was sweet! This week we have found 8 new investigators so far.  We went knocking doors. I was sick and tired of the weak investigators we had so I knocked and knocked and found some. It's nice to finally be finding some people to work with. There was a relief society activity at the church on Saturday and a lot of people came.
The weather has been really nice lately. My feet still hurt. My moccasins are cool!

At church on Sunday our attendance went up a little bit. There were 77 people there. We had seven less active members and one new investigator attend. It was the best Sunday that we've had here in a while. Things are going well. We ended the week with 10 new investigators, which was awesome! I think at least 7 will progress really fast. We found this amazing investigator who's name is Munoz. We were sitting down and he walked up and start talking to us. He thought we were from Germany. He's from the jungle and has friends from Germany in his little pueblo.

We went out to eat one day!

It's crazy that L Tom Perry died. We just found that out today. I love you all! Hasta luego!

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