Monday, August 24, 2015

Can I Get an "Amen"?!!

We had our zone Pday and we went to this waterfall named Bayoz. It was huge and super pretty! We saw monkeys and got to feel the cool water and it felt amazing! We had our zone meeting Tuesday and had training on how to work more with less actives and recent converts.

Wednesday everything basically fell through and Thursday wasn’t much different, but I got to give a blessing of comfort in English to Hermana Peaz which was cool and hard because I haven’t done it in English for a while. I liked it though because I felt like I was the mouthpiece in the situation...very specific ideas were flowing and there came a time where I couldn’t think of anything else no matter how hard I tried. So I took that as a signal that God was done speaking. It was really cool.

Friday was pretty weak because a lot of stuff failed but I am trying to work hard with Elder Torres. Saturday we made pancakes with a family of members and also ate French toast in our pension. We had 5 lessons as well so Saturday was a lot better.

A funny story: We were in a meeting with a member and he was saying the closing prayer. He wasn’t talking very loud so it was hard to hear and then my companion said “amen” out of nowhere. So I said “amen” as well thinking that maybe I didn’t hear him and when we looked up he was still praying. Haha. It was awkward but funny. My companion was pretty embarrassed.

Well, I have one year down and now one to go! Time is flying and I’ll be back before you know it. I love you guys!

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